Not Sure Why Weight Maintenance Is So Hard? Biohack With Lab Tests

Gain insights on how your body works — or why it isn’t.

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Food Sensitivities Testing

Food Allergies and Intolerances Can Block Your Weight Loss Efforts

It’s no mystery that certain foods affect our bodies differently. However, pinpointing which foods we eat are to blame for disrupting our weight loss goals can be hard. Biohackers should stay informed about the foods known to trigger sensitivities.

Four by six square of circular colored icons of healthy foods.

Millions of People Are Undiagnosed

If you’re having difficulties maintaining a healthy weight, certain foods in your diet may be playing a role. An estimated 20 million adults in America have a food allergy,1 and even more have food intolerances that haven’t yet been diagnosed. Understanding how certain foods impact your body can make it easier for you to maintain overall optimum health.

Food Allergies Can Impact Body Biohacking Plans

Food allergies affect your immune system, while food intolerances impact your digestive system.2 Allergies can cause hives or other severe — and sometimes life-threatening — responses almost immediately after eating. Intolerances usually produce milder effects, such as an upset stomach, sometimes hours after eating.

Both allergies and intolerances can lead to chronic inflammatory diseases and are connected to inflammation and obesity.3 A study on children4 found that obesity and food allergies were significantly linked, but only in girls and not boys.

The most common foods people are sensitive to are yeast, eggs, cranberry, cow’s milk, chicken, lentils, and parsley.5 You can test whether your body is sensitive to these or other foods with a blood test6 that measures the total immunoglobulin G antibody present for each food category. Skin pricks are also sometimes used before full blood work is ordered.7

Start With a Food Journal Before Your Tests

Doctors will normally recommend that patients keep a food diary during this discovery phase, accompanied by an elimination diet to confirm findings. Narrowing down what is causing your body troubles can be a long process, but understanding your body’s sensitivities to certain foods will help you stay healthy for the rest of your life.

“An elimination diet process is to discover which foods make you feel like a rockstar and which foods are holding you back.”

Tom Malterre

Nutritionist & Author

Banner with five illustrated sets of hands completing different journaling and tracking activities.

At-Home Tests

myLAB Box

Box of My Lab Box at-home Food Sensitivity Test kit.

Discover the At-Home Weight Loss Test for comprehensive insights. Measure key markers like Cortisol, DHEA, Estradiol, HbA1c, and more. Get lab results in 2–5 days with free shipping. Maintaining a healthy weight is vital for well-being, especially for heart health. This kit empowers early detection and informed lifestyle choices.


Box of Everlywell at-home Food Allergy Test kit.

Discover your body’s IgE reactivity to prevalent food allergens with the Everlywell at-home Food Allergy Test kit. By measuring immunoglobulin E (IgE) responses, this test helps identify potential food allergies. If your results show elevated reactivity, a nurse will contact you to guide you through the next steps.

Knowing Labs

Box of Knowing Labs at-home Weight Management Panel test kit.

Is this for you? If struggling with weight management and not seeing results, a hormonal imbalance could be the cause. Knowing Labs’ Weight Management Panel offers insights into the body, helping individuals understand the underlying factors and make lifestyle choices to effectively manage those extra pounds.


Food Allergies: A Complete Guide

Book cover of Food Allergies by Dr. Scott H. Sicherer with the title on a white dinner plate on a blue background.

“Food Allergies” by Scott H. Sicherer is a comprehensive guide that answers questions about allergies, from prevention to emergencies. With a practical Q&A format and real cases, the book covers topics like diagnosis, prevention, and new research. Whether you’re new to managing allergies or seeking advanced insights, this book offers valuable advice for improving your quality of life.

Food Allergies and Food Intolerance

Book cover of Food Allergies and Food Intolerance by Dr. Jonathan Brostoff and Linda Gamlin with large lettering on a brown background.

“Food Allergies and Food Intolerance” by Jonathan Brostoff and Linda Gamlin is your guide to improving health. Discover the link between chronic issues like migraines, fatigue, and food sensitivities. With case studies and expert insights, differentiate between allergies and intolerance. The book provides a step-by-step process for identifying issues through diet adjustments, offering practical solutions for better well-being.

The Inflammation Spectrum

Book cover of The Inflammation Spectrum by Dr. Will Cole with circle made up of triangles of various nuts, beans, and vegetables on a white background.

Dr. Will Cole’s “The Inflammation Spectrum” reveals the impact of inflammation on health, from mild symptoms to serious conditions. The book emphasizes that each person’s dietary needs are unique, providing quizzes and guidance to help readers identify their ideal foods. By nourishing the body with healing foods, readers can achieve food freedom and lasting healing.

The Food Allergy Fix

Book cover of The Food Allergy Fix by Dr. Sakina Shikari Bajowala with a gloved hand holding a silver platter topped with a red toolbox.

Discover a life-changing approach to food allergies in “The Food Allergy Fix” by Dr. Sakina Bajowala. Learn about desensitization therapy through immunotherapy, offering a path to freedom from the constraints of food allergies. This book empowers parents and patients with an innovative approach that combines history and holistic methods, providing a transformative solution to managing allergies.

The End of Food Allergy

Book cover of The End of Food Allergy by Kari Nadeau and Sloan Barnett with black and red text and a peanut on a white background.

Explore groundbreaking food allergy research from Stanford’s Dr. Kari Nadeau and Sloan Barnett. This comprehensive guide covers understanding, treating, and managing allergies, offering innovative immunotherapy strategies to overcome food allergies. It provides vital insights for individuals and families, offering hope and practical solutions to improve their lives.

Food Without Fear

Book cover of Food Without Fear by Dr. Ruchi Gupta with test tubes filled with various healthy foods on a white background.

Dr. Ruchi Gupta’s “Food Without Fear” provides a groundbreaking approach to understanding food-related health conditions. With one in five people in the U.S. affected, Dr. Gupta offers clarity on allergies, intolerances, and masquerading conditions. She explores triggers, genetics, and practical guidance for diagnosis and management. This book empowers readers to take control of their health and find food freedom.

Elimination Diet Plans

Purple Carrot

Purple Carrot crispy tofu burrito cut in half to show the healthy filling.

Experience culinary convenience with Purple Carrot! Choose between Meal Kits or Fresh, Prepared Meals and tailor your weekly delivery to your liking. Enjoy meal kits, prepared dishes, or a mix of both, all with options like Less Prep, high-protein, and gluten-free meals.

Clean Program

Box for Clean 7-Day Cleanse Program for biotransformation.

Clean 7 combines Ayurvedic principles, Intermittent Fasting, and Functional Medicine for overall wellness. The program includes shakes, meals, and supplements to support your journey, and some days incorporate fasting with tulsi tea.

Daily Harvest

Black Bean and Cheeze burrito bowl by Daily Harvest.

Daily Harvest offers chef-crafted meals sourced sustainably from fruits and veggies. With options like Acai + Cherry Smoothie and Sweet Potato + Wild Rice Hash, they’re dedicated to transforming our food system for better health and the planet.

The Carnivore Diet

Shallow dish containing cubes of raw red meat.

The Carnivore Diet serves as an Elimination Diet by excluding plant-based foods to identify allergies or intolerances. This comprehensive approach removes potential offenders like lectins, oxalates, and alkaloids while aligning with our natural eating habits.


Fried deviled egg with paprika topping.

The Keto and Ketovore diets utilize Ketones for energy and offer various health benefits. This meal plan emphasizes ample protein, sufficient fat, and minimal carbs, aiming to keep energy levels high and avoid hunger while focusing on animal products. It’s designed to help you enjoy your meals, reach your goals, and feel satisfied.


Folded omelette with leafy green spinach inside.

Discover the FODMAP diet, targeting specific sugars linked to gut discomfort. Ideal for IBS and SIBO sufferers, it helps identify problem foods and symptom alleviators. Consult your doctor before trying, as it’s a short-term, restrictive plan to unveil personal triggers.

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Vitamins & Minerals Testing

Vital Vitamins and Minerals Are Necessary When Biohacking for Fat Loss, Enhanced Energy, and Well-being

Are you getting enough vitamins and minerals in your current diet? If not, a test could help you determine the underlying causes of your fatigue, weight struggles, or poor macronutrient absorption. Talk to your physician.

Illustration of a skeleton and organ systems with color-coded dots indicating which vitamins and minerals benefit what.

Fast 12 Hours Before You Test

Despite the public health cries for balanced diets, modern plates are rarely filled with enough fresh fruits and vegetables to supply the body with adequate daily levels of vitamins and minerals. An estimated 2 billion people throughout the world suffer from micronutrient deficiencies,1 which are known to impact weight and health in general.

Getting tested for deficiencies can help you address problems underlying lack of energy, fat accumulation, and the non-absorption of vitamins in food. It’s a two-part process: First, you’ll need to schedule a blood test to see what, if anything, you’re deficient in. Next, you’ll need to uncover the cause, which could simply be that you’re not eating enough of a specific kind of food. The underlying cause could also be an undiagnosed disease.

While it’s recommended to get this type of bloodwork done every few years, most people don’t make it a priority. Look for common symptoms of deficiency, like brittle hair or mouth ulcers.2

Doctors will tell you to fast for at least 12 hours before undergoing testing and to avoid all supplements and products containing biotin, which can lead to inaccurate results. Be open and honest with your physician and make sure all vitamin and mineral deficiencies are addressed, as these are directly linked to struggles with maintaining a healthy weight.


If you’re feeling fatigued, have shortness of breath, or experience unintentional weight loss, you may not be eating enough foods rich in B-12 and folate. Alternatively, your body may have trouble absorbing these vitamins. If your doctor discovers this through blood work, you’ll be diagnosed with vitamin deficiency anemia.3 Sublingual B-12 supplements can help. It comes in tablet and liquid form.

Vitamin D

Low levels of vitamin D have been associated with excess fat,4 and blood work can show if you need to increase your levels. If this is the case, your doctor may prescribe a supplement or encourage you to spend more time in the sun. A 10- to 30-minute walk in the midday sun every other day should be enough for you to maintain healthy levels if you have light skin. People with darker skin may require longer periods of exposure.5


Another cause of fatigue is iron deficiency anemia, which can be verified through blood work. Specific tests check your complete blood count, hemoglobin levels, blood iron levels, and ferritin levels.6 You may require an iron supplement if your levels are low. However, some people have low iron levels because they drink too much caffeine. Studies show that coffee and teas inhibit iron absorption by up to 39%.7 If coffee is the underlying cause, it’s always better to remove something from your diet than add extra supplements.

“There are 37 billion chemical reactions happening within your body every second. And every single one of these reactions requires vitamins and minerals to make it work.”

Dr. Mark Hyman

functional medicine Pioneer

Row of circular piles of different colored mineral powders.



Bottle of AgelessRx Metformin tablets tipping to the right.

Embrace the potential advantages of Metformin, including its ability to activate pathways linked to longevity. Research suggests it might contribute to lowering the risk of conditions like colon and pancreatic cancer, cognitive decline, and macrovascular disease. This multifaceted compound could also aid in weight management and reducing the likelihood of diabetes.


Bag of Turmeric Extract Powder with pile of orange powder in front.

Discover the power of BulkSupplements’ Turmeric Extract with 95% curcuminoids – a natural remedy against inflammation. This extract may aid joint health, alleviate arthritis symptoms, and enhance mood and sleep through serotonin and dopamine modulation. Moreover, it demonstrates potential in heart disease prevention, eye health, and stress metabolism as an adaptogen.

Seeking Health

Canister of Seeking Health Optimal Electrolyte dietary supplement powder in natural orange flavor.

Elevate vitality with Optimal Electrolyte powder, delivering all-day hydration and energy infusion. By combining vital nutrients, it optimizes ATP generation and electrolyte balance. Crafted for the active and sauna devotees, it fuels energy needs and enhances endurance. But its benefits extend beyond athletes—benefiting overall wellness, hydration, energy, and cognitive vigor.


Box of Rootine Smart Multivitamin personalized supplements behind a single daily packet.

Customized for you, the Smart Multivitamin offers tailored health support. Convenient daily packs contain up to 20 nutrients personalized to your needs. Vegetarian, bioavailable, and natural. Crafted by scientists, it boosts energy, focus, and immunity. Witness tangible, trackable results like Rootine members. Take control of your health journey today.

At-Home Test Kits

Knowing Labs

Box of Knowing Labs at-home vitamin D panel test.

Vitamin D plays a pivotal role in various bodily functions, bolstering immunity, muscles, and brain cell activity. It’s essential for bone health, regulating calcium and phosphate levels. Their at-home lab test confirms optimal Vitamin D levels, ensuring a robust immune system, bone strength, and overall cellular well-being.


Base Complete Bundle with three boxes of at-home test kits next to a smartphone with the nutritional and lifestyle program app on the screen.

Base gains holistic health insights with their comprehensive tests. Covering energy, sleep, stress, heart, inflammation, and diet, they access valuable data. From Vitamin D to cholesterol, Base understands vital aspects of their body. Empower your well-being and informed choices with their testing bundle.

Lab Me Analytics

Box of Lab Me Complete Blood Count at-home test.

The complete blood count (CBC) assesses overall health and aids in identifying disorders like anemia, infection, and certain cancers. Online and PDF results are usually ready within 2-3 days of test receipt. Please note, their at-home CBC is not diagnostic; it cannot confirm illnesses.


The Micronutrient Miracle

Book cover of The Micronutrient Miracle by Jayson and Mira Calton with a rainbow of healthy foods and molecule icons on a white background.

Nutritionists Jayson and Mira Calton tackle micronutrient deficiency in “Micronutrient Miracle,” offering a program to combat obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. The book unveils diet truths, depletion effects, and provides a customizable 28-day plan for balance.

The B12 Deficiency Survival Handbook

Book cover of The B12 Deficiency Survival Handbook by Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar and Regev Elya with teal and white color scheme.

Explore the impact of vitamin B12 deficiency in The B12 Deficiency Survival Handbook by Dr. Aqsa Ghazanfar. Discover the link to fatigue, stress, memory loss, and more. Find proactive solutions, optimal foods, and ways to safeguard health.

Drug Muggers

Book cover of Drug Muggers by Suzy Cohen with blue and red text and spilled pill bottle on a white background.

Discover “Drug Muggers” by pharmacist Suzy Cohen, your solution to medication-related discomfort. Learn how drugs deplete vital nutrients, impacting your well-being. This book provides strategies to counteract side effects and enhance nutrient intake to improve your overall health, even while on medication.

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Organ Function Testing

Organ Health Testing: How to Supercharge Your Weight Loss Biohacking Efforts

If an organ is compromised, biohacking weight management will be difficult — or maybe even impossible. Test important organs to ensure your body can metabolize fat and balance hormones.

Illustration of an organ system with pop-outs showing the individual organs along either side.

Check Liver, Kidneys, and Thyroid Regularly

Certain organs are specifically tasked with functions associated with maintaining a healthy weight. Before you take steps toward biohacking your weight, a smart biohack is making sure your organs are functioning properly.

The organs associated with weight maintenance are primarily within the digestive and endocrine systems. Adipose tissue, or body fat, is actually considered an interactive organ within the endocrine system.1 If you address the underlying conditions of stressed organs, you can more easily maintain healthy homeostasis. When that’s achieved, you can more easily maintain a healthy weight.


Among other responsibilities in the body, the liver is responsible for metabolizing fat2 by making sure the body has enough energy in both fed and fasted states. When you have a fatty liver, which is often a result of obesity, diabetes, or high triglycerides,3 you can develop metabolic syndrome and symptoms of hormonal imbalance.4 Testing your liver function by measuring certain enzymes and proteins in your blood can alert you before serious disease develops.5 If tests confirm abnormal function, you can generally reverse the condition with weight loss and exercise.6


Kidney function is directly related to weight gain,7 as damaged kidneys cannot properly balance the salt and fluid levels within the body. Although an electrolyte imbalance can be associated with weight gain, people with chronic kidney disease tend to have the opposite experience.8 Testing your kidney function may involve a blood test and/or a 24-hour urine sample.9


A compromised thyroid is a common cause of unmanageable weight. An underactive thyroid, or hypothyroidism, is associated with weight gain10 while an overactive thyroid is connected to unintended weight loss. Even minor thyroid dysfunction can result in an extra five kilograms in body weight.11 The thyroid regulates metabolism, so measuring your TSH levels12 can determine its functioning. When preparing for your blood work, avoid estrogens from birth control pills and biotin supplements for accurate tests.

“When our body systems are functioning optimally, we let go of excess body fat naturally.”

Dr. Libby Weaver

Nutritional Biochemist & Author

Banner with black outlines of organs with pictures of the healthy foods that benefit them inside.

Testing Options

Lets Get Checked

Open box of LetsGetChecked at-home organ function testing kit.

Regular micronutrient testing is vital, as mild imbalances may lack symptoms. Deficiency signs include fatigue, muscle pain, weakened immunity, vision problems, joint discomfort, heart issues, appetite loss, nausea, hair loss, and poor bone health. The Micronutrient Test offers diet insights, aiding deficiency resolution.


Slightly open kit for Elsavie Gut Secrets microbiome test.

Experience Elsavie’s seamless microbiome test, offering a comprehensive insight into your gut health. Developed in partnership with the Food and Fermentation Technology Development Center (TFTAK), researchers with nearly two decades of microbiome study, their Gut Secrets™ test reveals the intricate workings of your gut.

Bristle Oral Health

One upright and two stacked boxes of Bristle Oral Health tests.

Discover the Bristle Oral Health Test—a holistic assessment of mouth bacteria levels. Gain insights into oral health, identify concerns early, and receive a personalized action plan. Endorsed by top dentists, this test offers exclusive discounts on oral care products, enhancing your well-being.


Box of Viome Gut Intelligence at-home gut microbiome test.

Viome combats unhealthy gut activity’s impact on well-being. Their Gut Intelligence™ Test unveils 20+ scores, identifies harmful “healthy” foods, suggests supplements, and offers probiotic and prebiotic advice. Optimize gut activity, glycemic response, and address inflammation contributors. Empower your health with Viome’s personalized solutions.


PureHealth Research

Bottle of Pure Health Research Liver Health Formula supplement capsules.

Revitalize with PureHealth Research’s Doctor-Approved LIVER HEALTH FORMULA. Elevate fat-burning, digestion, and energy using premium botanicals, supporting 500+ vital functions. Combat liver-related issues for improved well-being. Backed by 11 potent natural ingredients, scientifically proven to enhance liver markers and functions.

Heart & Soil

Glass jar of Heart and Soil Gut and Digestion supplement capsules.

Revitalize your Gut & Digestion with their potent supplement. Packed with essential nutrients and peptides, it aids leaky gut, digestive problems, and autoimmune conditions. Featuring grass-fed & finished tripe, intestines, pancreas, liver, and spleen, this supplement enhances nutrient absorption over synthetic options. Experience targeted assistance for gut inflammation and digestion.


Bottle of 100 Thorne Perma-Clear supplement capsules for immune function and healthy gut.

Boost beneficial gut flora and nurture a healthy gut barrier with Perma-Clear. This supplement delivers comprehensive backing for a robust intestinal lining, reinforces immune function within the gut, and provides essential nourishment for addressing “leaky gut” issues.*


Bottle of Pendulum Metabolic Daily supplement capsules.

Metabolic Daily, crafted by PhD experts from renowned institutions, introduces a live multi-strain probiotic. It restores your gut microbiome, enhancing metabolism and supporting weight management. This formula aids fiber breakdown and promotes essential postbiotics and hormones like butyrate and GLP-1, ensuring balanced energy and reduced sugar cravings for improved well-being.


The Good Gut

Book cover of The Good Gut by Justin and Erica Sonnenburg with pyramid of blue, red, and orange levels on a beige background.

Stanford’s Justin and Erica Sonnenburg pioneer microbiota’s impact on health, revealing its role in well-being. They argue that gut health affects various aspects of life, proposing a health plan in “The Good Gut” with recipes and insights. The book explores alternatives to antibiotics, lifestyle choices for microbial health, aging microbiota management, and nurturing individual microbiomes.

The Mind-Gut Connection

Book cover of The Mind-Gut Connection by Dr. Emeran Mayer with illustration of the brain made up of microorganisms on a white background.

Explore ‘The Mind-Gut Connection’ by Dr. Emeran Mayer, UCLA’s Neurobiology of Stress executive director, to unlock its revolutionary power. Merging neuroscience and microbiome insights, the book reveals the intricate link between mind and body, offering insights into gut health, immunity, and holistic well-being.

Thyroid Healthy

Book cover of Thyroid Healthy by Suzy Cohen with green and blue text and headshot of the author on a gray background.

Reclaim your health and overcome thyroid-related challenges with “Live Thyroid Healthy.” Discover the best lab tests, how to interpret them, and which foods and medications support thyroid health. Put an end to chronic fatigue, brain fog, and other symptoms to regain control of your life. Start your journey to well-being today.

Stopping Kidney Disease Food Guide

Cover of Stopping Kidney Disease Food Guide by Lee Hull with dishes of ramen, shakshuka, kebabs, pumpkin soup, and poached pears.

“The Stopping Kidney Disease Food Guide” is a comprehensive resource for kidney disease management, covering suitable foods, meal planning, and CKD diet details. It offers customization for various disease stages, emphasizing education and serving as a companion to “Stopping Kidney Disease.”

Vitamin Deficiency Symptoms

Book cover for Vitamin Deficiency Symptoms and Cures by Dr. Dan Purser and Jared Larkin with a close-up on an oil supplement capsule on a gray background.

Uncover the mysteries behind unexplained symptoms and potential vitamin deficiencies with Dr. Purser and Jared’s insights. From low-carb diet blues to diabetes, low testosterone, depression, and more, this reference explores alternative natural solutions for various conditions. Explore the world of vitamin deficiencies for a healthier you.

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Hormone Testing

Biohacking Weight Is Impossible Without Balanced Hormones

Weight biohacking starts with understanding the vital role hormones play in regulating appetite, metabolism, and body fat distribution. Tests can shine a light on how your body can achieve hormonal balance and optimal weight.

A well-balanced rock stack with several smooth gray stones.

Urine Tests for Thyroid Stimulating, Cortisol, and Sex Hormones

Within the body’s endocrine system are special glands responsible for creating and releasing hormones into the bloodstream. Many of these hormones are directly responsible for our appetite levels, metabolism, and body fat distribution. When your hormones are balanced,1 you have a solid internal foundation for biohacking lifestyle changes. Sex hormones, thyroid-stimulating hormones, and cortisol levels are worth testing.

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone

There is a direct connection between obesity and too little thyroid hormone, just as there is a direct connection between being underweight and producing too much thyroid hormone.4 Thyroid disease impacts your insulin levels, which regulate blood sugar. When imbalanced, you can develop insulin resistance, which leads to diabetes.5 Testing the levels of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) in your blood will inform you of how well your thyroid is working.6


Produced in your adrenal glands, the cortisol hormone is your body’s way of regulating stress. Cortisol sends important signals within your body to regulate metabolism, blood sugar, inflammation, and fat storage.7 Multiple studies have linked cortisol with excessive abdominal fat.8 Checking your cortisol levels through blood, urine, or saliva tests9 is a first step toward stress reduction, along with developing habits such as mindfulness10 and other coping strategies.11

Sex Hormones

Both men and women need healthy levels of testosterone, estrogen, progesterone, and DHEAS for a variety of reasons, including maintaining an appropriate body mass index. Hormonal fluctuations in women resulting from menopause have been shown to increase the risk of obesity.2 Obese men, meanwhile, increase their testosterone levels when they lose weight.3 These hormones can be tested through blood testing, although sometimes doctors will order a 24-hour urine sample as well.

“Understanding your own hormonal dance and its effects is vital to taking charge of your health and well-being.”

Davinia Taylor

Biohacking Pioneer & Author

Banner of hormone molecules.

Testing Options

Lets Get Checked

LetsGetChecked logo with two white concentric near-complete circles.

Let’s Get Checked stands out through its unique end-to-end structure, offering exceptional scalability and configuration capabilities. Their platform leverages the fusion of technology, science, and medicine to enhance individuals’ well-being and longevity.

myLAB Box

This At-Home Comprehensive Fitness Test measures key indicators like Testosterone, DHEA, Cortisol, and more for men and women. Lab results in 2–5 days with free 2-way shipping. Monitor vital hormones to prevent potential health issues. This kit empowers early detection and informed lifestyle choices.

Knowing Labs

Knowing Labs understands the frustration of individuals struggling to maintain weight and seeing minimal results. They recognize that a potential underlying factor could be hormonal imbalance. Knowing Labs aims to provide comprehensive insights, enabling individuals to grasp their body’s dynamics better.

Hormonal Supplements

Your Super

Canister of Your Super Moon Balance Femme Cycle Latte Powder.

Experience Moon Balance Mix, a superfood latte powder designed for female health. Crafted with Ayurvedic herbs and adaptogens like shatavari, it supports happy hormones and eases PMS symptoms. With hibiscus, shatavari, and lucuma for added benefits, enjoy instant pink lattes with no artificial additives.

Pure Encapsulations

Box of 30 daily packs of Pure Encapsulations Testosterone Health capsules.

Discover the Daily Pure Pack – Testosterone Health, a holistic solution for balanced testosterone levels and overall wellness. This pack supports testosterone balance, reproductive health, muscle and bone well-being, and energy metabolism. With a Tribulus Formula, magnesium, and absorbable zinc, achieve hormone equilibrium and vitality effortlessly.

Life Extension

Bottle of Life Extension 7-Keto DHEA Metabolite supplement capsules.

Elevate your fat-burning potential with 7-Keto® DHEA, a natural metabolite of your body’s most abundant circulating hormone, DHEA. This powerful compound promotes healthy thermogenesis, enhancing cellular energy production in the form of heat. Experience a boosted fat-burning furnace with 7-Keto® DHEA Metabolite.


Canister of Thorne Ovarian Care supplement powder.

Thorne’s Ovarian Care offers comprehensive support for menstrual regularity and reproductive health. This blend of nutrients and botanical extracts balances hormones, supports insulin response, and provides antioxidants. Conveniently in mixed-berry flavored powder form, it ensures sufficient nutrients for benefits shown in clinical studies.

Stress Reduction Techniques


Wthn acupressure mat and pillow.

Experience the ultimate relaxation with their Acupressure Mat Set. Whether you seek better sleep, stress relief, or pain reduction, their mat and pillow leverage traditional acupressure principles. Gentle stimulators activate body points, promoting deep relaxation.

Alo Moves

Alo Yoga mindful meditation round cushion in black.

Their passion lies in crafting the finest yoga clothing, designed explicitly to ignite inspiration for both seasoned yogis and those on their yogic journey. Alo’s mission is to cultivate mindful movement, at the heart of their purpose. They believe that conscious movement enhances daily living.


Discover Glo, your all-in-one online wellness app. Elevate your body and mind daily through yoga, meditation, Pilates, and fitness. Access the world’s top instructors from home or anywhere. With classes catering to various life stages, levels, and needs, Glo empowers you to craft a personalized practice for overall well-being.

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7. Cortisol, Cleveland Clinic:

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11. Moyer AE, Rodin J, Grilo CM, Cummings N, Larson LM, Rebuffé-Scrive M, Stress-induced cortisol response and fat distribution in women, Obes Res. 1994 May;2(3):255-62.doi: 10.1002/j.1550-8528.1994.tb00055.x. PMID: 16353426:

Diabetes Testing

Undiagnosed Diabetes Makes Weight Loss Nearly Impossible for Biohackers

More than 37 million American adults have diabetes. The good news is that symptoms can often be prevented and even reversed with the right lifestyle interventions. To biohack weight loss and improve your overall health make sure you catch it early with simple tests.

Woman in a white tank top pressing a diabetes patch onto her upper arm.

Prediabetes Tests Encouraged for Everyone

When a person is diagnosed with diabetes, their body is either not producing adequate insulin (type 1), or it is no longer able to use it effectively to regulate the glucose levels in the bloodstream (type 2). Of the more than 37 million American adults with the disease, approximately 95% have type 2 diabetes.1 With this type of diabetes, patients develop insulin resistance as the pancreas produces more insulin in an effort to get cells to respond. Testing for diabetes early on increases your chances of being able to reverse your symptoms.2

Weight Loss Is Even More Important for Diabetics

Diabetes is directly linked to weight gain,3 as the excess blood sugar is stored as fat. Not only are people with diabetes more likely to be overweight, but they also have an increased risk of high blood pressure, unhealthy cholesterol levels, and strokes. Losing weight is more challenging with the onset of the disease, but the effort is worth it: When you lose even just 10 pounds, you dramatically reduce your risk for more serious symptoms.4 Plus, maintaining weight loss enhances insulin sensitivity, helping you reverse the disease.5

Talk to Your Doctor to Schedule a Test

Whether or not you have symptoms of prediabetes6, consider getting tested. There are a few ways to move forward with blood testing. You can order an A1C test, which measures your average blood sugar over the past few months. You can also fast overnight for a fasting blood sugar test, or you can complete a glucose tolerance test.7 Results usually come back quickly, allowing you to develop a biohacking strategy that can include lifestyle changes such as intermittent fasting and increased exercise.

“Type 2 Diabetes is not always a chronic and progressive disease. We need to stop treating it as such.”

Dr. Jason Fung

Functional Medicine Leader

Illustrated row of people doing a variety of exercises and sports.

Diabetes Testing Options

myLAB Box

Box of My LabBox at-home diabetes hemoglobin A1C screening test.

The myLAB Box Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) test measures the glucose attached to hemoglobin in your red blood cells, reflecting average glucose levels over three months. Elevated levels could indicate diabetes, a condition linked to potential health issues like heart disease, kidney problems, and nerve damage. Monitoring HbA1c aids in early detection and management of diabetes.


Box of Everlywell HbA1c test.

Easily monitor your blood sugar levels with the at-home HbA1c Test. This test provides insight into your average blood sugar levels over the past 3 months. It’s crucial for routine monitoring of blood sugar control, especially for individuals with prediabetes or diabetes. The test includes a cassette blood test and desktop for convenience.

Lets Get Checked

Box of LetsGetChecked at-home diabetes test.

Convenient at-home Diabetes and Heart Health test for cholesterol levels and diabetes assessment. Rapid results and expert consultation, with treatment options for high cholesterol. Covers Total Cholesterol, LDL, HDL percentage, Hemoglobin A1c, Triglycerides, and Lipoprotein(a) levels.


Box of Healthyr Prediabetes Health Test Kit.

Approximately 1 in 5 Americans have prediabetes, often without realizing it. Untreated prediabetes can progress to more severe conditions like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Regular screening is crucial to detect warning signs and manage your health effectively. The Prediabetes Test assesses six vital biomarkers associated with diabetes and prevention, empowering you to make informed health choices.

Books About Diabetes

The Diabetes Code

Book cover of The Diabetes Code by Dr. Jason Fung with black and blue text on a cream background.

“The Diabetes Code,” Dr. Jason Fung challenges conventional beliefs about treating type 2 diabetes, offering a groundbreaking perspective. He asserts that type 2 diabetes is reversible, countering the idea of it being a chronic condition. Dr. Fung advocates for proper dieting and intermittent fasting as effective alternatives to conventional treatments, debunking the reliance on medications.

Mastering Diabetes

Book cover of Mastering Diabetes by Dr. Neal Barnard with a border of fruits and vegetables and white background.

“Mastering Diabetes” presents a revolutionary approach to diabetes by advocating a low-fat plant-based whole-food diet. Authors Cyrus Khambatta, PhD, and Robby Barbaro, MPH, offer a step-by-step plan to reverse insulin resistance, covering different diabetes types. The book includes recipes, nutritional insights, and guidance on exercise and intermittent fasting for improved insulin sensitivity and overall health.

Circadian Diabetes Code

Book cover of The Circadian Diabetes Code by Dr. Satchin Panda with an illustration of a day and night cycle on a navy background.

“The Circadian Diabetes Code” by Satchin Panda, PhD, offers a groundbreaking approach to managing type 2 diabetes and prediabetes. By aligning daily activities with your body’s circadian rhythm and utilizing intermittent fasting, this book provides insights into optimizing blood glucose response and promoting weight loss, offering an alternative to medication and restrictive diets.

Glucose Monitors


Smartphone with screen showing Levels Health feedback app for their continuous glucose monitor.

Measure your real-time response to diet and lifestyle with Continuous Glucose Monitors. Get insights into blood glucose levels after eating, sync with Apple Health kit to optimize activity and sleep, boost energy, and reduce long-term health risks. Receive daily personalized guidance and follow expert advice. Learn smart food swaps and build sustainable habits for a longer, healthier life. Track long-term trends and celebrate healthy habit streaks to stay on target.


Nutrisense continuous glucose monitor device.

The Nutrisense CGM Program offers data and expert guidance for improved metabolic health. As a member, you get a nutritionist for chat guidance, a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) for insights, and an app for accountability. The CGM tracks glucose levels continuously on your arm, providing real-time insights, while the app helps you monitor how food, sleep, exercise, and stress affect your glucose. Your nutritionist assists in interpreting data and developing sustainable, healthy habits.


Smartphone with screen showing January AI feedback app.

Introducing January’s AI, a groundbreaking fusion of metabolic health and AI. Pair your activity tracker with a CGM for profound insights. Here’s how it works: Select your tracker, we’ll assist in obtaining a CGM. Within a week, January’s AI establishes your baseline and provides real-time insights. After 14 days, it doesn’t need a CGM but continues offering guidance for metabolic health.


Smartphone with screen showing Signos feedback app for their continuous glucose monitor.

Discover how your diet, exercise routine, sleep quality, and stress management impact your blood sugar levels (glucose). Make targeted adjustments to your nutrition and lifestyle to maintain stable glucose levels. By adopting these daily habits, you can achieve improved health, weight loss, and more. Signos offers a personalized approach to healthy weight management, supported by a continually expanding body of scientific research.

1. Type 2 Diabetes, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

2. Hallberg SJ, Gershuni VM, Hazbun TL, Athinarayanan SJ, Reversing Type 2 Diabetes: A Narrative Review of the Evidence, Nutrients. 2019 Apr 1;11(4):766, doi: 10.3390/nu11040766, PMID: 30939855; PMCID: PMC6520897:

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4. Extra Weight, Extra Risk, American Diabetes Association:

5. Clamp, L., Hume, D., Lambert, E. et al., Enhanced insulin sensitivity in successful, long-term weight loss maintainers compared with matched controls with no weight loss history, Nutr. Diabetes 7, e282 (2017):,

6. Prediabetes, Mayo Clinic:

7. Diabetes Tests, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

Lipid Panel

Testing Heart Health Offers Biohacking Metrics for Weight Loss Success

Schedule a lipid test at the start of your weight loss journey to identify how diet and exercise routines impact your cholesterol and triglycerides. Keep checking before, during, and even after you’ve achieved your initial goals.

Woman's hands with right pointer and thumb squeezing blood drop from left ring finger.

Lifestyle Changes Proven Effective if Elevated

In many ways, biohacking involves using science to improve your overall health. To accomplish this, you must create a plan (hypothesis) and measure it in a controlled way to allow you to determine if your plan is successful. A powerful way to monitor your fitness level as you focus on weight management is by completing a lipid panel in the earliest possible stages of your journey.

A Healthy Heart Is Necessary for All Biohacks

A lipid panel is a test that screens for cardiovascular health by measuring your cholesterol levels and triglycerides.1 Cholesterol is a waxy substance in the body used to build cells as well as make vitamins and hormones. The liver produces enough cholesterol for the entire body in itself, but we also introduce supplemental cholesterol through certain foods. Too much meat, dairy, and tropical oils can result in abnormally high levels of cholesterol, disrupting your system by clogging arteries.2 Triglycerides are energy stored in fat cells for future use. If you eat more calories than you burn, you may have elevated levels, which can contribute to arteriosclerosis and heart disease.3

Lipid Tests Usually Require Fasting Beforehand

If you’re over 45 for men or 50 for women, it’s a good idea to get a lipid test. This is especially important if you smoke cigarettes, are obese, don’t get enough exercise, have high blood pressure, or have a close family member with diabetes.1 To prepare for this blood test, you’ll likely have to fast for nine to 12 hours beforehand.4 If your lipid levels are elevated, lifestyle biohacks such as integrating a whole foods diet and regular exercise can help reverse the condition.5 Follow-up tests can help you keep track of your progress and celebrate victories that can’t be measured by a scale.6

“Be sure to ask your doctor to do a particle size test. This will check both your particle size and particle number.”

Dr. Elizabeth Boham

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Red illustration of a blood vessel with red blood cells and a yellow plaque buildup.

Lipid Panel Testing Options


SelfDecode logo with an abstract white outline of a person with arms raised.

SelfDecode is revolutionizing healthcare by offering personalized health advice based on your DNA, labs, and environment. With comprehensive gene-based recommendations, you can make informed health decisions, avoiding fragmented approaches. Overcoming information overload, SelfDecode empowers you to take charge of your well-being.


Purovitalis logo with a white outline of a DNA strand.

The EpiAge™ test reveals your biological age compared to your actual age using a saliva sample and next-generation sequencing. Lower biological age indicates better health, while higher age suggests room for improvement. Home sample collection, lab analysis, and results in about 4 weeks make it convenient. Tracking your biological age helps evaluate lifestyle changes’ impact on health over time.

Wild Health

Wild Health logo in simple lower case white text.

Wild Health transforms healthcare with a personalized approach based on individual genetic variations. Their proprietary DNA kit analyzes hand-selected genetic SNPs impacting health, wellness, and potential. This comprehensive understanding informs a tailored health optimization plan, leveraging genetic advantages and addressing challenges.


TruDiagnostic logo of a boxy abstract white molecule.

TruDiagnostic’s Pace of Aging report reveals your biological aging rate using the DunedinPACE algorithm, separate from your overall biological age. Comparable to a speedometer, this metric shows how quickly you’re progressing through life, offering insights into the impact of lifestyle choices on your aging pace.


Rootine logo with a simple white outline of a vitamin capsule.

Manage stress effectively with Rootine’s stress hormone measurement and personalized improvement plan. Identify sub-optimal stress hormone levels and receive a science-backed action plan including supplements, lifestyle changes, diet, exercise, and sleep recommendations based on your test results.

Lab Me Analytics

Lab Me logo with simple white outline of a cube.

Experience Lab Me’s convenient at-home blood tests with secure PDF results and expert recommendations. Whether you’re worried about diabetes, fatigue, heart disease risk, or overall health, their tests offer insights you can discuss with your doctor for better decisions. Empower yourself with Lab Me.



Thorne Healthy Lipids Bundle with bottles of Berberine, Choleast-900, and Curcumin Phytosome supplements.

Thorne’s Healthy Lipids Bundle features three supplements supporting healthy lipid levels: Choleast-900, Berberine, and Curcumin Phytosome. These supplements address the importance of balanced lipid levels, as cholesterol plays vital roles in various bodily functions.

Life Extension

Bottle of Life Extension Advanced Lipid Control supplement capsules.

Advanced Lipid Control, a standardized Indian gooseberry extract, sustains healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels while combating inflammation, promoting heart health, and reducing oxidative stress. Incorporate it into your heart-healthy routine to nourish cardiovascular wellness.

Pure Encapsulations

Bottle of Pure Encapsulations Lipid Aktiv supplement capsules.

Pure Encapsulations Lipid Aktiv is a dietary supplement that includes a blend of vitamins, minerals, CoQ10, and phytosterols. It contains phytosterols, which can help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels when taken in a daily dose of at least 0.8g. Additionally, it contains zinc, which supports the normal metabolism of fatty acids.


Container of UpNourish Liposomal Vitamin D3 plus K2 vegan supplement softgels.

UpNourish LIPOSOMAL VEGAN VITAMIN D3 + K2, made with advanced liposome technology, is certified VEGAN by Each bottle includes 150 mini softgels, with each softgel providing 5000 IU (125 mcg) vitamin D3, 400 mcg Vitamin K2 MK-4, and 100 mcg Vitamin K2 MK-7.



MyNetDiary app icon with a measuring tape around a green apple on a dark green background.

MyNetDiary is a top-rated calorie counter with a free barcode scanner, food tracking, and diet plans. It’s favored by health professionals, featured in Today’s Dietitian Magazine, and rated #1 by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. The New York Times hails it as a simpler, quicker, and more visually appealing choice compared to similar apps.


Fooducate aids users in tracking their health and nutrition goals by adding meals, snacks, water intake, and exercise. It provides Food Grades to assess calorie quality, offers efficient food scanning, displays macronutrients, and allows for personalized diets. The app also offers dietary recommendations for specific health conditions.

Lipid Manager

Lipid Manager app icon with illustrated anatomical heart split into puzzle pieces on a maroon and blue background.

The ACC Lipid Manager app (formerly LDL-C Manager) provides 4 essential tools for clinicians to manage triglycerides and LDL-C levels, assess ASCVD risk, monitor statin therapy response, address statin intolerance, and offer tailored guidance for hypertriglyceridemia. Please note that clinical judgment should guide therapeutic decisions in consultation with patients.

My Fitness Pal

MyFitnessPal app icon with a white silhouette of a person leaping on a blue background.

MyFitnessPal is an all-in-one food tracker and health app that helps users track progress towards their nutrition, water, fitness, and weight loss goals. It serves as a nutrition coach, meal planner, and food diary, assisting users in understanding their habits, making smarter food choices, finding motivation and support, and achieving their health goals, without imposing restrictive diets.

The Biohacker’s Blog

Biohacking Weight Loss Blog Posts

Discover effective techniques to manage a healthy weight and reach your wellness goals.

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Biohacking News

Biohacking Weight Loss News & Trends

Explore the latest advancements and innovative methods in weight management.

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Biohacking Weight Loss Innovators

Weight Loss Experts

Absorb wisdom from weight loss experts: gain insights, tips, and strategies to conquer your goals.

Dr. Jason Fung

Black and white photo of biohacker Dr. Jason Fung on a green background.

Dr. Jason Fung is a Canadian nephrologist, researcher, and author who advocates for functional medicine. He believes that being in a persistently fed state can have negative effects on health and that intermittent fasting is beneficial.

In addition to serving as the acting Managing Director of the nonprofit Public Health Collaboration, Dr. Fung is also the Medical Director of the Intensive Dietary Management Program in Toronto and a member of the editorial board at the Journal of Insulin Resistance. He co-founded The Fasting Method, which offers programs and advice on weight loss, intermittent fasting, and nutrition for the management of various illnesses.

Dr. Fung is a popular keynote speaker and discusses topics such as intermittent fasting, biohacking techniques, and functional medicine. He has been featured in various media outlets, including The Morning Show, Reader’s Digest, and The Daily Mail. He engages with his audience through guesting in podcasts and his website, YouTube and Instagram accounts.

Dr. David Perlmutter

Black and white photo of biohacker Dr. David Perlmutter on a red background.

Dr. David Perlmutter is a multi-award-winning neurologist, medical adviser, and New York Times bestselling author. As a fellow and board member of the American College of Nutrition, his work is primarily focused on lifestyle changes that can aid in preventing neurological disorders. His biohacking techniques include the integration of a low-carbohydrate, high-fiber diet, and exercise for better brain health.

His work has been featured in publications like The Huffington Post, Journal of Neurosurgery, Journal of Applied Nutrition, and Archives of Neurology. He is also the founder of the Perlmutter Health Center, which promotes a holistic health approach and continually shares his expertise on Instagram and YouTube.

Dr. Perlmutter is an advisor for The Dr. Oz Show and has been a guest on other programs including Larry King Live, CNN, Fox News, The Today Show, CBS, and Oprah. He has received multiple public health advocate awards, including the 2010 Humanitarian of the Year Award.

Biohacking Weight Loss FAqs

Biohacking Questions On Lab Tests

Discover the potential of weight loss biohacking through the insights provided by lab tests.

  • Why are lab tests important for biohacking?

    Lab tests provide valuable insights into your body’s biochemistry and help identify underlying imbalances or deficiencies. By analyzing biomarkers, such as nutrient levels, hormone levels, and organ function, you can make informed decisions to optimize your health and personalize your biohacking approach.

  • What are some key lab tests to consider for assessing food sensitivities?

    IgG food sensitivity tests can help identify specific foods that may be triggering immune responses and causing inflammation in the body. Elimination diets or comprehensive food intolerance tests can also provide useful information to tailor your dietary choices for optimal health.

  • How can lab tests assess vitamin and mineral status for biohacking purposes?

    Tests for nutrient deficiencies, such as vitamin D, B vitamins, magnesium, and iron, can help identify areas where supplementation or dietary modifications are needed. By optimizing nutrient levels, you can support energy production, immune function, and overall well-being.

  • What lab tests can assess organ function and support biohacking?

    Comprehensive metabolic panels (CMP) and liver function tests (LFTs) can evaluate the health and functioning of organs like the liver, kidneys, and pancreas. These tests provide insights into metabolic processes, detoxification capacity, and overall organ health.

  • How can hormone testing contribute to biohacking efforts?

    Hormone tests, such as cortisol, thyroid, and sex hormone panels, can reveal imbalances that may affect energy, mood, metabolism, and overall vitality. Identifying hormone irregularities can guide targeted interventions, such as lifestyle modifications, supplementation, or hormone replacement therapy if necessary.

  • What lab tests are beneficial for monitoring or managing diabetes?

    Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) and fasting blood glucose tests are commonly used to assess blood sugar control and diagnose diabetes. Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) provides real-time data on blood sugar fluctuations, helping individuals understand how different foods and activities impact their glucose levels.

  • What is the significance of lipid panel tests in biohacking?

    Lipid panel tests evaluate cholesterol levels, including LDL, HDL, and triglycerides. By monitoring lipid profiles, you can assess cardiovascular health and make targeted interventions, such as dietary adjustments, exercise, and supplementation, to optimize lipid balance and reduce the risk of heart disease.

  • Can lab tests reveal nutrient deficiencies that impact biohacking goals?

    Absolutely. Nutrient deficiency tests, such as vitamin B12, vitamin D, or magnesium, can uncover imbalances that may contribute to fatigue, poor cognitive function, or compromised performance. Addressing these deficiencies through supplementation or dietary changes can enhance overall biohacking outcomes.

  • Can biohacking lab tests be done without a healthcare provider?

    While certain lab tests can be done independently, it is advisable to consult with a functional medicine doctor or healthcare provider who specializes in biohacking. They can help interpret the results, provide personalized recommendations, and guide you in developing an effective biohacking plan based on your unique needs.

  • Which specific foods should I get tested for sensitivity to?

    When it comes to determining which specific foods to get tested for sensitivity, it depends on your individual health concerns and symptoms. However, there are some common food groups that are often included in food sensitivity testing. These typically encompass dairy products, gluten-containing grains (such as wheat, barley, and rye), eggs, soy, shellfish, tree nuts, peanuts, and certain fruits and vegetables.

    It’s important to consider your personal dietary habits and potential triggers for sensitivity. If you suspect a specific food or group of foods is causing adverse reactions, you may want to include those in your testing panel. Additionally, discussing your concerns and symptoms with a functional medicine doctor or healthcare professional who specializes in food sensitivities can provide further guidance on which foods to prioritize in your testing.

Biohacking Weight loss Videos

Testing for Improved Weight Loss

Discover how tests can enhance your weight loss efforts through biohacking, providing valuable data to optimize your approach and track progress.

Hormones Out of Balance – This Is Why!

When to Test Your Blood Sugar During a Fast

Everlywell Food Sensitivity Test

The Right Cholesterol Test to Get

Biohacking Weight Loss Resources

Additional Biohacking Weight Loss Insight

Discover podcasts, YouTube channels, websites, apps, and more to enhance your knowledge and empower your biohacking journey.

Everlywell logo in lower case green text.


Everlywell is a pioneering company that brings accessible and reliable lab testing to individuals by allowing them to take validated laboratory tests at home.

With a commitment to empowering people to take charge of their health, Everlywell offers CLIA-certified labs and clinically-validated tests. Their experienced clinical team oversees the testing process, ensuring precision and accuracy. Everlywell Diagnostics, their flagship lab in Dallas, upholds the highest standards of accuracy and quality.

Their at-home sample collection methods are rigorously validated against traditional methods, providing convenience without compromising reliability.

They offer personalized information and education, and encourage sharing results with physicians, contributing to a biohacking-inspired approach to healthcare.

Emory University logo with shield emblem on the left.

Weight Management: Beyond Balancing Calories

The “Weight Management: Beyond Balancing Calories” course offered by Emory University on Coursera explores the root causes of obesity and provides valuable insights for understanding and managing weight gain.

Participants will gain an understanding of the impact of our food environment on biology, leading to calorie overconsumption and resistance to sustained weight loss. The course also addresses underemphasized barriers to weight loss, including stress and inadequate sleep.

By developing a comprehensive understanding of obesity physiology, learners can make informed decisions about which tests to consider for biohacking weight loss. This course equips individuals with practical tools, strategies, and a long-term weight management plan, enabling them to leverage their habits and surroundings effectively.

Weight Management: Beyond Balancing Calories