Longevity Biohacks Help Us Stay Active As We Age

Science hasn’t figured out how to help us live forever — but we can live longer and better.
Three smiling fit older men stretching their arms in a park.

Evolving Science Offers a Longer Life

Scientists from Harvard University believe that the person who will live to 150 years old has already been born. If you biohack, it could be you.

Longevity Biohacking Tools Help You Live Better, Too

Living longer won’t be worthwhile if you can’t be active or enjoy clear, sharp thinking well into your later years. Biohacking focuses on keeping both the body and mind fit and healthy so that you can avoid the diseases that most commonly cause death — all while enjoying a long, happy life.

Take a Comprehensive Approach To Living Longer

Thanks to a wide variety of research, we know the factors that impact our ability to extend our lifespans and experience a sense of well-being throughout the final season of our lives. Biohackers who integrate proven healthy habits, ranging from strengthening relationships to adopting a challenging exercising regime, are more likely to live longer and keep doing what they enjoy most.

Tests First, Biohacks Second

Health screenings are a simple way to prevent many causes of death.

Chronic diseases, such as cancer and heart disease, are responsible for around 70% of all deaths worldwide, and many of them can be treated, managed, and even cured when diagnosed early enough. Sickness stemming from malnutrition also negatively impacts our health in ways we may fail to recognize. Getting tested is an important biohack that allows you to address concerns early on and keep your body feeling young as long as possible.

A blue illuminated scan of a human figure with red pop-outs showing biomarker feedback for DNA, bones, heart, stomach, and liver.
Illustration of three panels of an air filter pulled out to show the different layers of filtration, with dirty air on the left moving toward clean air on the right.

Detoxification for Longevity

Keeping your environment toxin-free is a proven effective health biohack.

You may be surprised by the pollution in your air, water, and even in the foods you eat. Don’t wait — detox today.

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To Live Longer, Up Your Movement

A non-negotiable for longevity is exercise that gets the heart pumping.

Don’t let your body atrophy as you age. Instead, find time for these biohacks that will help you feel like a kid again.

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Gut Health Supports Longevity

Don’t bug out: Support your gut microbiome and feel great for life.

Healthy habits including smart nutritional choices can reduce inflammatory disease by facilitating digestion.

Smiling woman sitting wrapped in a towel in an infrared sauna.
Close-up of an infrared sauna light casting a red circle of light on the wall.

Light Biohacks for Longevity

Tapping into different light frequencies can extend your lifespan.

New research highlights red, blue, and infrared light as worthy additions to your pro-aging biohacking routine.

Herbs for longevity including a bowl of turmeric next to a teaspoon, ginger root, cinnamon sticks, and other loose spices.

Longevity Supplements

Slow down the effects of aging with herbs, compounds, and amino acids.

While there’s no pill that will automatically extend your life, some supplements have proven pro-aging benefits.

Group of volunteers in gloves and aprons smiling in a warehouse, one stirring a pot.
Hands painting an abstract landscape with the paper surrounded by paint containers and brushes.

Mindset Biohacks for Longevity

A positive frame of mind makes for a happy, productive, and long life.

Gratitude, combined with reduced stress and a sense of purpose, are powerful biohacks for a longer life.

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Social Connections Are a Biohack

We can’t biohack alone! Make time for socializing to enhance your longevity.

Studies repeatedly show that people live longer when they maintain deep social bonds. Furry friends count, too.

Two smiling elderly men with coffee mugs sitting around a chess board at the park.
Fit older man holding dumbbells straight out and hormone molecule icons on a pale blue background.

Healthy Hormones

The effects of aging are often connected to a hormonal imbalance.

Both men and women should test their hormone balance before they implement proven biohacks to live longer.

Biohacking Technology

Some tracking gadgets and treatments are worth integrating into your routine.

Ignore the packaging of new technology: Nothing in today’s marketplace can legally advertise that it will help you live longer. However, researchers have discovered that some biohacking breakthroughs really do make a difference in terms of how long we live and how good we feel when we wake up every morning. People who regularly take time for saunas, ice baths, or even hyperbaric therapy reported feeling and looking younger. New wearable technology allows you to test your metrics to see if that’s true for you.

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Young woman drinking from a plastic water bottle in a sunny field.
Two plates side by side, left with a small alarm clock, right with a salmon and vegetable rice meal.

Nutrition for Longevity

Processed foods and sugary drinks are out. Water and fasting are in.

What and when you eat play a vital role in how long you live— scientists confirm. Biohack your diet for longevity.

Top half of a brain illustrated in a blue and pink geometric style.

Biohacked Brain

Caring for your brain makes your later years more fun and meaningful.

Biohacking your brain with smart choices, good nutrition, and the right supplements will pay off in the end.

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