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Meditation Helps You Lose Weight

November 30, 2023

Brazilian researchers from Salvador’s School of Medicine and Public Health have demonstrated that regular meditation practice aids greatly in weight loss. “The current study showed a median weight reduction of 1.96 kg higher in the intervention [meditation] group when compared with the control group in 2 months, equivalent to about 2% of the total initial body mass.” This means people who meditated daily during their weight loss program lost 4 extra pounds in two months, a huger improvement. A key understanding from the study is that consistent meditation must continue if weight loss is to persist, so stay committed to your meditation practice if you’re looking to lose weight!

Waist Size Greatly Decreases Thanks to Meditation

There were indications that because those who meditated regularly had substantial reduction in waist size, their risk for heart disease had been greatly reduced, because waist size and risk for heart disease are directly correlated. The researchers explained, “In addition to total weight, waist circumference is an important independent predictor of cardiovascular and metabolic risk. Moreover, it may reflect fat loss better than total weight in a scenario where the person gains lean mass as he or she loses weight. Our study showed a difference in the median reduction of waist circumference 4.0 cm higher in the meditation group in relation to the control group.”

Keep Meditating to Keep Off the Weight

Meditation really does work to help a person lose weight, and with great effectiveness. Real results of extra pounds lost result when meditation is added to a weight loss program. If you are using meditation as an aid to lose weight, make sure to make your meditation practice consistent over the long-term–continuing regular meditation is needed to keep the weight that’s lost from returning.

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