Longevity Supplements Offer Impressive Pro-Aging Effects

Fight the negative effects of aging and feel your best with natural compounds that work

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Herbs & Extracts

Herbs and Extracts Are Natural Biohacks for Enhancing Longevity

Researchers and biohackers alike are always searching for natural substances that improve longevity. Good news — they’ve had some success. Incorporate these herbal extracts to reduce inflammation and slow aging.

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Some Herbal Extracts Extend Your Lifespan

Plants are the source of powerful medicinal compounds. Research has begun to uncover the potential of these natural compounds when it comes to delaying age-related diseases, improving overall health, and extending lifespan.

Fight Inflammation With Longevity-Focused Herbs

Aging is characterized by a state of low-grade chronic inflammation throughout the body — a process known as “inflammaging”. This inflammation damages cells and tissues and promotes many age-related diseases including cancer, heart diseases, and neurodegenerative diseases.1

Curcumin, the active component in the popular spice turmeric, has potent anti-inflammatory effects. It’s been shown to improve multiple markers of aging and extend the lifespan of every organism it has been tested on. It works by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress, boosting antioxidant defenses, and increasing the activity of genes involved in DNA and energy production.2 Ginger, a close relative of turmeric, also has powerful properties including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and anti-cancer effects that may result in anti-aging benefits.3

Green tea may also help extend lifespan and help prevent cognitive decline.4 Indeed, polyphenols in green tea, especially epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), help reduce inflammation and oxidative stress and improve stress tolerance.5

Kill “Zombie Cells” to Fight Aging

As we age, some of our cells accumulate excessive damage and are forced to stop dividing, turning into senescent cells. While this process helps prevent these cells from becoming cancerous, it also causes them to start releasing inflammatory molecules called cytokines. These cytokines cause damage to the healthy surrounding cells. Senescent cells can even turn healthy cells into more senescent cells, which has earned them the nickname, “zombie cells.” Removing these cells from older mice was found to improve their physical function and extend their lifespan.7 Clinical research in humans is still in its infancy, with multiple trials currently in progress. One early study found removing senescent cells improved physical function in people with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a lung disease characterized by high levels of senescent cells.8

Quercetin is a natural senolytic substance with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects that destroys senescent cells. It can be found in apples, onions, and tea. Consuming these may therefore be beneficial for longevity.7

Biohack Your Longevity With Herbal Extracts

Berberine is a natural compound with multiple anti-aging effects found in various plants including goldenseal, goldthread, and Oregon. It mainly works by activating AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK), an enzyme that plays a crucial role in cellular energy homeostasis. Activation of AMPK leads to an increase in cellular metabolism and energy production and reduces oxidative stress and inflammation.9 Berberine has been shown to increase the lifespan of various organisms, including worms and flies, which suggests that it could have similar effects in humans. Due to its ability to improve glucose and lipid metabolism, Berberine also has the potential to be a therapeutic agent for age-related diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.10

Rhodiola rosea is another hack for a longer life. This herb is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicine to promote energy and longevity. It’s also a potent activator of AMPK.11 Rhodiola may help reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, and may also help improve physical performance and reduce the risk of age-related diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.12

Biohackers can use the aforementioned plants and their active compounds to strategically activate longevity pathways, improve stress resistance, increase energy production, and reduce inflammation and oxidative stress.

“Some 50,000 to 70,000 plant species, from lichens to towering trees, have been used at one time or another for medicinal purposes.”

Andrew Chevallier

Medical Herbalist & Author

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Herbal Tinctures

Banyan Botanicals

Jar of Banyan Botanicals Chyavanprash rejuvenating ayurvedic herbal jam.

Chyavanprash is a superfood herbal jam based on Ayurvedic tradition. Made from amla fruit, it rejuvenates tissues, boosts vitality, and supports the immune system. Rich in antioxidants and nourishing herbs, it’s a holistic health enhancer.


Container of Cymbiotika Mineral Shilajit live resin supplement.

Cymbiotika Shilajit Black Gold Live Resin® (15g) is a mineral-rich dietary supplement sourced from high elevations. It contains 84+ minerals, fulvic acid, humic acid, vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants, making it a powerful adaptogen with various benefits.

Radical Roots

Container of Radical Roots Immortal All-Stars capsules for total body and mind wellness.

Experience 4,500 years of wisdom with Immortal All-Stars Capsules, an ancient Chinese herbal supplement that fights aging and boosts overall wellness. It supports anti-aging, heart health, kidney function, and more. Achieve total well-being with Immortal All-Stars.

Herbal Powders

Four Sigmatic

Bag of Four Sigmatic Focus Organic Coffee supplement for mental clarity and energy.

Boost focus with this coffee blend infused with five brain-enhancing superfoods: Lion’s mane mushroom, wildcrafted chaga, ashwagandha, and mucuna, combined with organic instant coffee. It helps clear brain fog, offers a mental pick-me-up, and contains less caffeine than regular coffee. It’s a delicious way to support a positive mood, as studies suggest.


Cup of a purple smoothie by TUSOL with blueberries and blackberries on top.

Experience noticeable results in just a month with their functional smoothies. Designed to boost immunity, aid in weight loss, stimulate collagen production, and promote radiant skin, these smoothies are rich in easily-absorbable plant protein, superfoods, probiotics, and enzymes. Enjoy the benefits with pure and convenient nutrition in less than 60 seconds.

Anima Mundi

Container of Anima Mundi Apothecary Lion's Mane Brain Tuner Super-Tonic supplement powder.

Lion’s Mane is a potent nootropic with multiple health benefits, including promoting nerve growth factor production, combating inflammation, acting as an antioxidant, and enhancing the immune system. It also offers antibiotic, anticancer, anti-anxiety, anti-depression, cognitive function enhancement, anti-fatigue, and anti-aging properties.


Yoli Life Kit including boxes of Passion natural energy and Yoli essential shake packets and containers of Alkalete healthy body pH and Pure gut health capsules.

Elevate your vitality and well-being with the Yoli Life Kit. This comprehensive 28-day program combines their energy and balance supplements—Passion, Alkalete, and Pure—with the YES protein shake to promote a healthier lifestyle. Embrace a new way of living with natural, body-friendly supplements that invigorate your health.


MudWtr morning ritual starter kit including tin of Rise Cacao, frother, guidebook, sticker, sample packets, and box.

Elevate your morning routine with the MUD\WTR Morning Ritual Starter Kit. This kit includes a 30-serving tin of :rise Cacao, a free USB rechargeable frother, a guidebook, a sticker, and free samples. MUD\WTR’s Original Blend features 100% organic ingredients, including mycelial biomass and fruiting bodies of mushrooms. Join them for a balanced start to your day.


Open jar and spoonful of Goldmine Adaptogen Stress Support Powder.

Boost your resilience to stress and illness with Goldmine Supershroom Immunity Support. This blend combines immune-boosting mushrooms, herbs, lucuma, and ginger for a convenient and nutritious drink. Packed with anti-inflammatory compounds, it bolsters and fortifies your immune system. Enjoy it as is or mix it into your preferred beverage.

Herbal Supplement Capsules

Life Extension

Bottle of Life Extension Optimized Resveratrol Elite supplement capsules.

Try Resveratrol Elite™ for a health boost. This supplement combines trans-resveratrol with fenugreek seed fibers to enhance absorption. It supports heart, brain, and cellular health, fights oxidative stress, and promotes calorie-restricted gene expression.

Redd Remedies

Bottle of Redd Remedies Heart Strong supplement tablets.

Support your heart with Heart Strong™. This supplement combines Magnesium, Coenzyme Q10, Acetyl-L Carnitine, and a proprietary blend to promote cardiovascular health, energy production, physical stamina, and a healthy stress response.


Container of LifeVantage Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer caplets.

Protandim Nrf2 Synergizer reduces oxidative stress, a key factor in aging. It boosts your body’s antioxidant production, supporting healthy aging, and has extensive research backing its effectiveness.


Bottle of BiOptimizers Blood Sugar Breakthrough supplement capsules.

Blood Sugar Breakthrough is a supplement that supports balanced blood sugar levels, improves exercise performance, and stabilizes overall well-being. It also enhances carbohydrate metabolism, increases energy levels, and promotes a balanced inflammatory response.


Container of Purovitalis liposomal resveratrol supplement capsules.

Their Liposomal Resveratrol capsules maximize the powerful benefits of resveratrol. Encased in liposomes for efficient absorption, they combat skin aging and support healthy blood sugar levels. Experience the potential of resveratrol in a convenient and easily absorbable form with their Liposomal Resveratrol capsules.


Bottle of Nutricost Goldenseal Root supplement capsules.

Nutricost Goldenseal Root Capsules provide 600mg of high-quality Goldenseal Root per capsule, with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory benefits. Suitable for vegetarians, non-GMO, and gluten-free, they undergo third-party testing for quality and safety.

Herbal Teas

Doc of Detox

Bag of Doc of Detox Daily Cleansing Tea.

Visit Doc of Detox : Your gateway to holistic biohacking solutions. Uncover a range of innovative products rooted in detoxification and wellness. Elevate your health journey with science-backed methods to restore vitality and promote optimal well-being. Empower your body’s natural ability to heal and thrive.

Tin Roof Teas

Pile of Tin Roof Teas pomegranate cranberry loose leaf black tea.

Explore Tin Roof Teas: Delve into a treasure trove of Herbal Ayurvedic Wellness. Immerse in centuries-old traditions blended with modern expertise. Elevate your well-being with a curated selection of teas harmonizing mind, body, and soul. Embrace the wisdom of nature’s remedies.


Three bags of NoonBrew Superfood Tea for energy and focus.

Discover NoonBrew: Your biohacker’s secret to sustained energy. Unveil a fusion of ancient wisdom and modern innovation. Experience a caffeine-free elixir designed to enhance focus and vitality, naturally. Elevate your daily routine with a harmonious blend of adaptogens and superfoods.

Tea Drops

Glass full of Tea Drops purple ice tea next to one Ube cube.

Discover Tea Drops: Unveil a world of innovative tea experiences. With a rich history, their teas blend tradition with modern convenience. Dive into expertly crafted, dissolvable tea delights that captivate your senses and elevate your tea ritual. Experience tea like never before.

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Longevity Compounds

New Longevity Compounds Are Worth Every Biohacker’s Attention

Unique longevity compounds— supplements that are the object of exciting new research— just might be the newest biohack for improving your health, and maybe even your lifespan.

Biohacking Longevity With Compounds

There are certain longevity supplements that aren’t classified as a mineral, vitamin, amino acid, herb, or botanical. Some of these compounds are produced naturally in the body and play critical roles in metabolism and energy production. Let’s take a look at the most promising ones. 

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN)

One of the most popular longevity supplements is nicotinamide mononucleotide (NMN). It serves as a precursor to an important molecule called NAD+, which is involved in cellular energy production, DNA repair, and immune function.1 As we age, our NAD+ levels decline significantly.2 Boosting NAD+ levels with NMN improves insulin sensitivity and mitochondrial function and has been shown to increase the lifespan of yeast, worms, flies, and rodents.3,4

Calcium Alpha-Ketoglutarate (Ca-AKG)

Next, we have calcium alpha-ketoglutarate (Ca-AKG), a dietary supplement that combines the mineral calcium with alpha-ketoglutaric acid, a molecule involved in energy production.5 Research suggests that Ca-AKG can help promote healthy aging and increase healthspan and lifespan by supporting energy production, reducing oxidative stress, and improving immune function.6,7

Urolithin A

Our mitochondria accumulate mutations in their DNA as we age, which disrupts their functioning.8 Urolithin A is a compound that stimulates a process called mitophagy, which is the body’s way of clearing out damaged or defunct mitochondria so they can be replaced with new, healthy ones.9 Urolithin A has also been demonstrated to increase the lifespan of mice. Moreover, it improved cognitive function in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease by removing the amyloid plaques that play a big part in the disease.10 Urolithin A is made by gut bacteria from polyphenols found in pomegranates, berries, and nuts. That said, some people don’t have the required bacteria to make Urolithin A, in which case supplementing is the best option.11


Spermidine is another naturally occurring compound that has been found to improve longevity in several model organisms, including yeast, fruit flies, and mice. Studies have shown that spermidine activates autophagy, a cellular recycling process that removes damaged or dysfunctional proteins, organelles, and other components from cells. Autophagy plays a crucial role in maintaining cellular health and has been linked to the prevention of age-related diseases and reduced mortality. By stimulating autophagy, spermidine may help with tissue rejuvenation, improving overall health and longevity.12

These compounds discussed work by improving mitochondrial function and energy production, enhancing DNA repair, and activating cellular cleanup to remove damaged and dysfunctional proteins. Addressing these fundamental hallmarks of aging may help reduce the risk of many age-related diseases and allow you to live a healthier, longer life.

“In our genes resides the plasticity to express health, given the right combination of environmental influences.”

Dr. Jeffrey Bland

The Father of Functional Medicine

Illustrated DNA helix spiraling across the screen.

Longevity Compound Mixes

Neurohacker Collective

Neurohacker Collective Qualia Longevity Bundle with bottles of Night and Life supplements, box of Senolytic supplements, and a few loose capsules in front.

Ensure you thrive in your extended years with Qualia Life, a holistic supplement formulated by their team of researchers and scientists, containing 36 synergistic ingredients. Qualia Life enhances NAD+ and ATP production, leading to improved sleep, productivity, physical performance, stress resilience, and overall well-being. Embrace the full potential of aging with abundant cell energy.


Box of LifeVantage Vitality Stack 30-day supply of supplement packs.

Enhance your body’s functions with their range of supplements. Protandim® Nrf2 Synergizer® fights oxidative stress, while Protandim® NRF1 Synergizer® boosts mitochondria production. LifeVantage® ProBio™ supports digestion and immunity, and Omega+ promotes cellular health. Invest in your well-being with their trusted products.

Life Extension

Bottle of Life Extension Mix multi-nutrient supplement capsules.

Life Extension Mix™ provides essential nutrients for overall health and longevity. It offers a comprehensive solution, rich in vitamins, minerals, fruits, and vegetables to support healthy DNA, cardiovascular health, and more. Life Extension Mix™ is the key to inhibiting oxidative stress and promoting a healthy inflammatory response, making it an excellent choice for those seeking optimal well-being.


Container of Cymbiotika inflammatory health supplement capsules.

Inflammatory Health offers a meticulously crafted blend of Nobiletin, PEA, and Curcumin, all supported by scientific research. This powerful combination is designed to combat inflammation effectively, fostering a healthy inflammatory response that contributes to overall well-being and balance. By addressing inflammation, this formula allows individuals to enhance their daily performance, regain flexibility, mobility, and comfort, enabling them to pursue their passions with vitality and ease.

NMN Capsules


Container of DoNotAge Pure NMN supplement capsules for anti-aging.

Uthever® NMN from DoNotAge.org is independently tested for high purity and low heavy metal content. NMN supports healthy NAD+ levels, and when combined with their Pure Resveratrol, SIRT6Activator®, and Pure TMG supplements, it activates sirtuins, maximizes NMN benefits, and supports liver health. Explore the science behind it on their website.

Next Health

Bag of Next Health Longevity IV fluid.

Experience Next Health’s Longevity IV infusion, designed to boost overall vitality by promoting organ health, revitalizing appearance, enhancing cognition, and improving stress management. Key components include taurine for brain and heart health, selenium for antioxidants and immune support, and a multivitamin base with essential nutrients.


Vial of AgelessRx injectable NAD plus tipping to the right.

Experience the benefits of NAD+ Injections, including improved energy, mental clarity, and mood, plus reduced cravings and fatigue. Administered by a certified pharmacy 1-3 times per week, these injections are a cost-effective alternative to infusions. NAD+ naturally declines with age, impacting energy and DNA maintenance.


Bottle of LifeForce Peak NMN supplements.

Renew your body’s healthspan and longevity with Peak NMN™, a superior NAD+ product featuring a potent and stable form of NMN. This advanced formula supports DNA and epigenetic health, enhances the body’s response to inflammation, and helps manage physical stress in daily life.


Bottle of Biocharged Amptogen adaptogenic super-supplement capsules.

Amptogen, a potent supplement, combines Shilajit, NMN, Resveratrol, and Niacinamide. Shilajit, known as the ‘Destroyer of Weakness,’ supports detox, energy production, and hormonal balance. NMN and Resveratrol boost NAD+ production, aiding in healthy aging.


Container of Purovitalis liposomal NMN supplement capsules.

Purovitalis is committed to promoting body wellness. Their NMN supplements are exclusively sourced and produced in Europe, ensuring the highest quality. These capsules are coated with liposomes for optimal ingredient absorption.

Spermidine Capsules

Oxford Healthspan

Bottle of Oxford Healthspan Primeadine spermidine gluten-free supplements.

Meet Primeadine GF, their gluten-free, soy-free spermidine supplement from Okinawa, Japan. Crafted in an FDA-registered allergen-free facility, it contains spermidine, putrescine, Okinawan turmeric, and nobiletin to enhance well-being. Ideal for vegans and vegetarians, it supports a healthier lifestyle.


Container of Purovitalis liposomal spermidine fusion supplement capsules.

Purovitalis introduces the Liposomal Spermidine Fusion, simplifying the quest for health and vitality. This groundbreaking supplement offers convenient autophagy support with a special blend of spermidine, zinc, and B-vitamins. Ideal for health-conscious individuals, it provides an effortless way to promote well-being.


Bottle of Nutricost Spermidine Wheat Germ supplement capsules.

Explore Nutricost’s Spermidine Wheat Germ supplement – a blend of nature’s wisdom and modern science. Elevate your wellness journey with this potent biohacking solution, supporting cellular health and vitality. Discover a new level of holistic well-being with Nutricost.


Vitruvin Longevity Plus bundle with bottles of spermidine, resveratrol, and apigenin supplements.

Unlock the potential of Spermidine, Resveratrol, and Apigenin with their Vitruvin Longevity Plus Bundle. This powerful trio supports longevity, heart health, and stress reduction, working together to combat age-related diseases and slow down the aging process. Enjoy more energy and reduced risk of age-related decline.

Urolithin A Capsules


Bottle of Nutriissa Urolithin A supplements with a scattering of softgels in front.

Urolithin-A is a versatile compound known for its multiple health benefits, including increased energy levels, muscle health, inflammation reduction, and potential longevity support by activating pathways associated with extended and healthier lifespans. It’s a well-studied alternative to supplements like CoQ10, NMN, NAD+, PQQ, and resveratrol, offering cellular rejuvenation through mitochondrial autophagy activation.


Container of Codeage Liposomal Urolithin A Eternal supplements.

Codeage Liposomal Urolithin A supplement blends Urolithin A, resveratrol, betaine anhydrous, and CoQ10 in a highly bioavailable liposomal form. With 500mg of Urolithin A per serving, along with trans-resveratrol, betaine anhydrous, and CoQ10, it promotes overall well-being. Urolithin A is a natural metabolite found in foods like pomegranates and strawberries, and its effects can vary.


Bottle of Neurogan Urolithin A supplement capsules.

Their Urolithin A capsules provide the purest form of this cellular health compound derived from pomegranates, strawberries, and raspberries. Urolithin A supports mitochondrial function, enhancing cellular vitality and overall well-being. It also aids exercise performance and muscle recovery. Neurogen’s supplements are pure and potent, ensuring your body can fully harness their benefits.

Nature’s Fusions

Bottle of Nature's Fusions Nutri Urolithin-A NAD plus Boost Antioxidant supplement capsules for cellular health.

Nature’s Fusions’ Urolithin A supplement supports cellular health and rejuvenation by activating key pathways. It’s backed by clinical studies, ensuring its effectiveness. They prioritize quality and purity in their manufacturing process, with strict quality control standards. Each bottle contains 30 easy-to-swallow vegan capsules, providing a 15-day supply.

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Amino Acids Supplements

Build Up Your Biohacks: Amino Acid Supplements Increase Longevity

As the basic building blocks for many of our essential functions, amino acids have multiple longevity benefits including reduced inflammation and oxidative stress. Try adding these proven amino acids to your pro-aging regime.

Stack of colorful children's building blocks.

Amino Acids Biohacks Your Body’s Repair

Different amino acids have been studied for their effects on longevity. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, which serve many essential functions in the body including growth, repair, transporting nutrients, and regulating pH. 

Certain amino acids are directly linked to longevity. Researchers have observed that reducing the amount of amino acid methionine in the diet of organisms ranging from single-celled yeast to mice increases lifespan.1 Adding another amino acid, glycine, to the diet of mice also extends lifespan.2

Glycine and Cysteine

When glycine was combined with another amino acid called cysteine, it was able to decrease inflammation, improve mitochondrial dysfunction, increase muscle strength, and improve cognition in older adults.3 Among other incredibly beneficial effects, glycine and cysteine help restore levels of the master antioxidant glutathione, which protects against oxidative stress and plays key roles in detoxification and mitochondrial health.4


Taurine is another amino acid that plays a role in longevity. It’s found in the brain, the eyes, the heart, muscle tissue, and other organs throughout the body.5 It plays key roles in nervous system function, digestion, fluid balance, antioxidant production, and heart health. Taurine supplementation isn’t considered essential, meaning your body can make enough of it from other amino acids without needing to receive it through diet. However, low levels of taurine have been linked to heart and kidney disease, as well as eye damage.6 Evidence of taurine’s importance for longevity can be observed in the Japanese who consume large amounts of taurine in their diets and have one of the world’s highest life expectancies.7,8


L-theanine, a calming amino acid found in tea, increases the lifespan of mice under constant psychological stress.9 It helps activate anti-aging genes which are linked to longer lifespans, such as FOXO1.10,11 L-theanine also prevents the formation of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs), which cause tissues to become stiffer with age and are linked to age-related diseases including heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease.12 


Lastly, we have carnosine, a compound made from the amino acids histidine and beta-alanine, which also shows promise for combating the effects of aging. It acts as an antioxidant, helps the body recycle damaged proteins, and may protect against age-related cognitive dysfunction.13,14

The goal of supplementing with amino acids like taurine, glycine, and others is to increase the body’s resilience, reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, and improve mental and physical performance, all of which help slow and prevent negative changes that tend to occur with aging.

“No amino acid functions independently and all are required for their principal purpose, which is to serve as precursors for the production of new proteins.”

Dr. Robert Wolfe

Amino Acid Nutrition Expert

Illustrated row of various amino acid structures.

Amino Acids Capsules

Marine Healthfoods

Container of Marine Health Foods OysterMax supplement capsules.

OysterMax® is a pure oyster extract powder with concentrated nutrients, equivalent to 4-6 kg of fresh oysters. It’s rich in essential elements like zinc, copper, selenium, and iodine, free from fillers or additives, for pure and natural benefits.


Bag of Momentous Vital Aminos supplement powder in tropical punch flavor.

Vital Aminos is a proprietary blend of 9 essential amino acids, which are crucial for protein synthesis, muscle tissue formation, and overall physiological functions, contributing to peak performance.

Ancient Nutrition

Container of Ancient Nutrition unflavored Multi Collagen Protein Powder.

Ancient Nutrition introduces a Multi Collagen Protein with 10 types of collagen and 20g per serving. This advanced formula also includes SBO probiotics and Vitamin C for comprehensive health benefits.

Pure Synergy

Glass jar of Pure Synergy Bone Renewal supplement capsules.

Bone Renewal is a holistic formula for supporting bone health as you age. It combines plant-based nutrients, vegan trace minerals, and bone-nourishing botanical extracts for improved bone density, strength, and mobility. Bone Renewal is ideal for vegans and vegetarians.


Bottle of Pendulum Omega-3 Booster supplement capsules.

The Omega-3 Booster, a vegetarian supplement that promotes brain and heart health, harnessing benefits of fish oil without any fishy taste. Omega-3s in the supplement enhance gut health by increasing beneficial gut bacteria diversity.

Nordic Naturals

Container of Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega soft gels and bottle of Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega liquid.

Ultimate Omega® delivers the #1 omega-3 in the U.S., supporting heart, brain, and overall wellness. It’s sourced from 100% wild-caught sardines and anchovies, offering 1280 mg of total omega-3s in soft gels or 2840 mg in liquid form with a fresh lemon taste.


Bottle of Thorne Glutathione-SR supplement capsules.

Thorne’s NSF Certified for Sport® Glutathione is a natural cellular compound crucial for detoxification and acts as an antioxidant. It offers multiple health benefits, including liver, immune, and cardiovascular support, among others. Glutathione-SR’s sustained-release formula ensures gradual release into the bloodstream, making it essential for overall health.

Pure Encapsulations

Large container of Pure Encapsulations Essential Aminos supplement capsules.

Proteins and amino acids are essential for health. Humans have 20 amino acids, some produced by the body, and others must be obtained through food or supplements, called “essential” amino acids. Pure Encapsulations Essential Aminos contains these vital amino acids for muscle, cell, and tissue health.


Container of Bulletproof unflavored collagelatin mix.

Grass-fed Collagelatin is a versatile source of collagen protein and unflavored gelatin to promote skin, bone, and joint health. It easily blends into hot liquids, making it perfect for various culinary applications, from puddings and jellies to thickening soups and sauces.

Amino Acids Powders

1st Phorm

Container of 1st Phorm Essential Amino Acids supplement powder in berry blast flavor.

1st Phorm’s Essential Amino Acids supplement is expertly crafted to provide the 9 essential amino acids crucial for muscle building and recovery, mirroring your muscle tissue’s amino acid profile. It promotes an anabolic state, accelerates muscle protein synthesis, and includes electrolytes for hydration and green coffee bean for sustained energy.


Container of Thorne Amino Complex supplement powder in lemon flavor.

Thorne’s Amino Complex boosts muscle gain, energy production, and physiological functions with essential amino acids, including BCAAs. These amino acids are vital for muscle growth and strength, particularly as we age. They support energy production and are essential for overall health.

Pure Encapsulations

Container of Pure Encapsulations amino replete supplement powder.

Amino Replete is a tasty powder formula that supports athletic activity, cognitive health, immune function, and daily wellness with a blend of free-form amino acids. It promotes protein production, aids in training, enhances recovery, reduces muscle soreness and fatigue, supports brain function, and boosts immune function by maintaining healthy glutamine levels.


Bag of KauHealth Life Time Alchemy Powder with full scoop in front.

LIFE Time Alchemy rejuvenates your DNA to combat aging. Over time, cellular damage corrupts instructions, leading to malfunctions and aging. This formula aims to repair cells, activate youthful DNA, boost mood, enhance health, and promote well-being. Inspired by an ancient Nordic recipe, it’s your daily ritual for renewal.

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Dr. Mindy Pelz

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Dr. Mindy Pelz is well-known for her expertise in fasting, nutrition, and women’s health. As one of the pioneers of the fasting movement, she claims that fasting isn’t just for weight loss, but can also be used to biohack our bodies. She teaches that, when done right, fasting can boost metabolism, balance hormones, decrease inflammation, and prevent chronic illness.

Her company, Dr. Mindy Pelz Co., provides coaching, health programs, and online courses for individuals looking to improve their health through fasting. Aside from being a best selling author and keynote speaker, she shares her thoughts and expertise in her “The Resetter” podcast as well as via Instagram, and YouTube.

Dr. Pelz has been featured in numerous media outlets, including EXTRA TV, The Doctors, DailyMail TV, Well+Good, Real Simple, Healthline, and ABC 33/40. Her clients include high-profile actors, athletes, and CEOs who seek her guidance for achieving their health and wellness goals.  

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David Sinclair is a renowned professor, researcher, inventor, and author, best known for his exceptional contributions to genetics and age reversal. Sinclair’s extensive research focuses on understanding the aging process and the chemicals that affect it, with a vision of using science to slow aging.

Acknowledged as one of the Top 100 Australian Innovators and Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people, Sinclair has won numerous awards and has been featured in several publications, including Today, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Newsweek, and The New York Times. His groundbreaking work has also been highlighted in documentaries, such as Through the Wormhole, narrated by Morgan Freeman.

Sinclair is a co-founder and advisor for various biotechnology companies. As a chief editor of the Aging journal, he hosts the Lifespan podcast. Additionally, Sinclair founded Harvard Medical School’s Sinclair Lab, which studies the latest techniques in DNA repair, wound healing, and tissue reprogramming – providing valuable insights into biohacking.

Biohacking Longevity FAQs

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  • How can herbs and extracts contribute to biohacking longevity?

    Herbs and extracts, such as ashwagandha, turmeric, and resveratrol, have been studied for their potential anti-aging and health-promoting effects. These natural compounds possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, support cellular health, and may contribute to longevity when incorporated into a balanced and personalized supplement regimen.

  • What are a biohacker’s view on using longevity compounds for biohacking longevity?

    Biohackers recognize the potential of longevity compounds, such as NMN (nicotinamide mononucleotide) and resveratrol, in supporting cellular health and longevity. These compounds target key processes involved in aging, such as DNA repair and energy production, and may offer benefits when used strategically as part of a comprehensive biohacking approach.

  • How can amino acid supplements support biohacking longevity?

    Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and play crucial roles in various physiological processes. Certain amino acid supplements, such as L-carnitine or L-glutamine, may support mitochondrial function, muscle repair, and immune health. When used judiciously, they can contribute to a well-rounded biohacking strategy for longevity.

  • Can biohacking longevity with supplements include adaptogenic herbs?

    Yes, adaptogenic herbs like rhodiola, holy basil, and ginseng have been traditionally used to support stress management and overall well-being. By modulating the body’s stress response, these herbs can potentially promote longevity and resilience. Incorporating adaptogenic herbs into a comprehensive biohacking approach may offer benefits for longevity.

  • What’s a biohacker’s perspective on incorporating NAD+ boosting for longevity?

    Biohackers see the potential benefits of NAD+ boosting supplements, such as NMN or NR (nicotinamide riboside), in supporting cellular energy production and longevity. NAD+ plays a vital role in various biological processes, including DNA repair and gene expression. Supplementing with NAD+ precursors can potentially enhance overall cellular function and longevity.

  • How do antioxidants contribute to biohacking longevity through supplementation?

    Antioxidants, such as vitamin C, vitamin E, or glutathione, help neutralize harmful free radicals and reduce oxidative stress. By incorporating antioxidant supplements, individuals can potentially protect cells from damage, support immune function, and reduce the risk of age-related diseases, contributing to longevity.

  • Can biohacking longevity with supplements include omega-3 fatty acids?

    Absolutely. Omega-3 fatty acids, particularly EPA and DHA found in fish oil, have been extensively studied for their anti-inflammatory properties and potential benefits for cardiovascular health, brain function, and longevity. Supplementing with high-quality omega-3s can support overall well-being and contribute to a biohacking approach focused on longevity.

  • What are some biohacking strategies for supplement absorption and efficacy?

    Biohacking strategies to optimize supplement absorption include taking supplements with meals or specific cofactors that enhance absorption, choosing high-quality supplements with proper manufacturing standards, and periodically evaluating individual nutrient needs through lab testing. These strategies ensure maximum efficacy and personalized supplementation for longevity.

  • Can biohacking longevity with supplements include optimizing vitamin and minerals?

    Yes, optimizing vitamin and mineral levels through targeted supplementation can support overall health and longevity. Identifying and addressing nutrient deficiencies or imbalances through lab testing and tailored supplementation protocols can enhance cellular function, energy production, and overall well-being.

  • How does personalization play a role in biohacking longevity with supplements?

    Personalization is key in biohacking longevity with supplements. Everyone’s nutrient needs vary, and individual factors such as genetics, lifestyle, and health status must be considered. Working with qualified professionals, like doctors or nutritionists, can help tailor a supplement regimen that addresses specific needs and supports longevity goals.

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