From Inside Out, Biohacking Your Gut Improves Longevity

Your gut’s health is tied to your aging, and lifestyle biohacks can help optimize it

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Increasing Fiber

Salad, Please! Increasing Fiber Intake Biohacks Your Gut and Longevity

It’s no secret that we need to feed our gastrointestinal tract with the right foods for optimum health. This is why we should increase our fiber intake by choosing meals that support our digestive system, thereby extending our longevity in the process.

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More Fiber Improves Gut Health and Longevity

Fiber is a part of a plant that our bodies can’t digest fully or at all. There are two types of fiber: insoluble and soluble. Insoluble fiber is found in vegetables and whole grains. It helps with regular bowel movements and prevents constipation by adding bulk to the stool, allowing it to move more easily through the digestive tract. Soluble fiber is found in seeds, nuts, legumes, fruits, and vegetables. It dissolves in water and forms a gel-like material. Both types of fiber are important for longevity and health in general. 

Fiber Biohacks Risk of Heart Disease, Diabetes, and More

Fiber intake is closely tied to health and lifespan. One study found that participants who ate the highest amount of fiber had a 22% reduced risk of dying in comparison to those who ate the least amount of fiber.1 Moreover, a large meta-analysis of over 240 studies found that people with the highest fiber intake had a 15-30% reduced risk of dying from heart disease and all causes compared to people with the lowest fiber intake. The researchers found that for every additional 8 grams of fiber a person consumed, the risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and colon cancer fell by 5% to 27%.2

Fiber binds toxins and waste products and carries them out of the body. It helps slow the absorption of food and prevents your blood sugar levels from spiking.3 High blood sugar levels increase the formation of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs), which are linked to many age-related diseases, including heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and diabetes.4 Fiber also helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure, aiding in the prevention of FINheart disease.5

Feed Your Gut Microbiome to Feel Better for Life

Certain fibers also act as a prebiotic, meaning they serve as food for the beneficial bacteria in the gut. These beneficial bacteria play a crucial role in maintaining gut and overall health, as they help break down food, produce essential nutrients, and support the immune system.6,7 Resistant starch, a type of fiber found in foods like green bananas, cooked and cooled potatoes, and legumes, is particularly effective in promoting the growth of healthy gut bacteria.8 A healthy gut microbiome has been linked to improved digestion, better nutrient absorption, and reduced risk of chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and inflammatory bowel disease.9

“The best strategy is to gradually increase the amount of dietary fiber and not to feed your bacteria with massive, unmanageable amounts.”

Dr. Giulia Enders

Scientist & Author

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Soluble Fiber Powder


Thorne offers FiberMend, a soluble prebiotic fiber supplement that supports GI wellness and promotes gut health. This product, rich in prebiotic fiber, encourages the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels, supports regularity, and enhances overall digestive function. Experience the benefits of improved gut health and overall well-being with Thorne’s FiberMend, a reliable prebiotic fiber supplement designed to keep your digestive system in balance and support optimal digestive function.

Container of Thorne FiberMend Prebiotic supplement powder.

Resistant Starch Powder

Mercola Market

Supply your gut with the nutrition it needs for optimal health with Organic Resistant Starch Complex. This unflavored supplement provides 7.5 grams of digestive-resistant starch per serving, derived from Organic Green Banana Flour, Organic Pregelatinized Potato Starch, and Organic Tigernut Flour. These resistant starches slowly ferment in the large intestine, feeding beneficial gut bacteria and supporting various aspects of health, including immune function, energy production, heart health, and a healthy inflammatory response. Additionally, the formula includes 1.5 grams of Organic ResistAid® Arabinogalactan from organic larch trees, offering triple-action support for year-round health. Improve your gut and overall well-being with Organic Resistant Starch Complex.

Bag of Mercola Market organic resistant starch complex unflavored supplement powder.

Prebiotic Formulas


Box of OMNi-BiOTiC 6 supplement powder packets for gut health.

OMNi-BiOTiC® 6 is your gut’s all-rounder, supporting overall well-being. The gut plays a central role in our immune system, and factors like nutrition, medication, and stress can impact our gut flora. Developed 25 years ago, OMNi-BiOTiC® 6 has been a daily companion for families, helping maintain a healthy intestinal balance.


Bag of The MindBodyGreen Shop Organic Fiber Potency Plus to improve regularity and reduce bloating.

mindbodygreen’s fiber blend enhances digestion, reduces bloating, and promotes satiety. It includes organic guar bean fiber, organic kiwifruit, organic mushroom trio, and Bacillus subtilis probiotic to support overall well-being, regularity, and healthy blood sugar and cholesterol levels.


Bag of Kaibae Baobab Fruit Powder for healthy gut, radiant skin, and immunity.

KAIBAE offers premium Baobab Fruit Powder, a single-origin superfood harvested in Northern Ghana. Rich in prebiotic fiber, vitamin C, polyphenols, and essential minerals, it supports gut health, radiant skin, and a strong immune system. Enjoy its sweet tangy flavor in water, smoothies, or oatmeal while promoting biodiversity and community well-being through sustainable sourcing.

The Nue Co.

Bottle of The Nue Co Debloat Plus supplements with three loose capsules in front.

Start your journey to holistic health with a thriving gut. Serving 15 billion spores per dose, PREBIOTIC + PROBIOTIC strengthens beneficial gut bacteria and nurtures the microbiome, impacting overall well-being. Scientific studies affirm that probiotics play a pivotal role in enhancing skin health, digestion, immune function, mood, and sleep quality.

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Probiotic Supplements

Consider Probiotic Supplements to Biohack Your Longevity Goals

While whole foods are always best, some biohackers rely on probiotic supplements to support their GI tract and improve longevity. Feeding your microbiome with the right nutrients is a proven biohack for graceful aging.

Bowl of red noodles topped with kimchi.

Probiotics Enhance Gut Health for Life

The bacteria in our gut profoundly impact our overall health and longevity. Aging causes distinct shifts in the microbiome which are harmful to our health. More specifically, as we age, the level of bacterial diversity decreases, with a relative increase in the number of pro-inflammatory bacteria, and a decrease in beneficial, anti-inflammatory bacteria, making us more prone to bacterial imbalances.1,2 Imbalances in gut bacteria can interfere with nutrient absorption and immune function and are linked to many chronic age-related diseases including diabetes, obesity, heart disease, neurodegenerative diseases, and cancer. Maintaining a high bacterial diversity is known to promote better health, less frailty, and increased lifespan among elderly individuals.3,4

Probiotics Reduce Inflammation, a Longevity Killer

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that can help restore diversity and keep harmful bacteria in check. They also help reduce inflammation and improve immune function, keep the gut from becoming leaky, prevent cancer growth, and may even activate certain longevity genes and pathways.5,6 

Certain probiotics are rumored to help slow one of the fundamental hallmarks of aging — the build-up of senescent cells.7 These “zombie cells” are damaged cells that stop dividing and instead start releasing proinflammatory molecules. They’re linked to many age-related diseases and their removal can extend lifespan in mice.8

Look for Proven-Effective Probiotics for a Healthy Gut

There are certain species of bacteria that specifically target specific aspects of aging to help promote longevity. Bacillus subtilis is one species of bacteria able to colonize the gut successfully and which may have longevity benefits. It extended the lifespan of worms by more than 50% by reducing the activity of a pro-aging pathway — the insulin/IGF-1 (IIS) signaling pathway, which is also found in humans.9 When Bacillus subtilis was given to older adults, it boosted their immune systems and reduced infection rates.10 Another species of bacteria, Lactiplantibacillus plantarum, has demonstrated in multiple studies that it can extend the lifespan of mice by improving gut barrier health and brain function and increasing muscle strength.11,12,13 Other probiotics that have been shown to slow aging and increase lifespan in worms and mice include: Akkermansia mucciniphila, Streptococcus thermophilus, and Lactobacillus rhamnosus.14,15,16

If you’re looking to reverse the negative changes that occur in the gut due to aging, probiotics are an incredible biohack. Try experimenting with multiple probiotics to see which one works best for you.

“Probiotics and prebiotics aren’t optional additions to our diet. They’re an essential food group.”

Dr. Gary Huffnagle

Probiotics Researcher

Banner with illustrated circles of different colored microbes representing gut bacteria.

Bacillus subtilis Capsules


Optimal gut health positively impacts your entire body, promoting overall well-being. Their solution begins by pinpointing personalized strategies, supported by AI and Translational Scientist Experts, tailored to your unique gut microbiome requirements. Their personalized probiotics, prebiotics, and supplements address the root causes of gut health issues, enhancing your vitality and resilience. By choosing them, you’re not merely healing your gut; you’re elevating your energy, fortifying your physique, and enriching your overall health.

Hand holding a dark green Viome capsule between their fingers on a gray circular background.

Lactiplantibacillus plantarum Capsules


Container of Seed DS-01 Daily Synbiotic supplement capsules for gut immune function.

Seed offers a 2-in-1 capsule-in-capsule solution for adults aged 18+, promoting gastrointestinal and whole-body health. Their formulation features 24 scientifically studied probiotic strains and a polyphenol-based prebiotic to support overall well-being.


Box of OMNi-BiOTiC AB 10 probiotic supplement powder for microbiome restoration next to one individual packet.

OMNi-BiOTiC AB 10 is a specialized probiotic for restoring gut microbiome diversity after disruptions like antibiotics or C. Diff. infections1,2. Enhance your gut health with Omni-Biotic AB 10 and maintain a balanced microbiome.

Akkermansia mucciniphila Capsules


Bottle of Pendulum Akkermansia supplement capsules for gut health.

Experience the potential of Akkermansia for your gut health with Pendulum’s exclusive daily probiotic. Join the growing number of individuals benefiting from this remarkable strain, as evidenced by over 3,000 scientific publications.


Bottle of Thorne Berberine supplement capsules.

Thorne’s Berberine, derived from a potent botanical source, provides comprehensive support for heart health, metabolic function, glucose balance, and gastrointestinal well-being.

Streptococcus thermophilus Capsules


Streptococcus thermophilus, a probiotic strain, offers potential health benefits including protection against small intestine irritation, combatting antibiotic-induced diarrhea, reducing gut inflammation, and preventing chronic gastritis. Produced in vegan-friendly delayed-release capsules, it is recommended for one serving daily after a meal. However, individuals with compromised immune systems, organ failure, or gut issues should consult a healthcare practitioner before use.

Container of Epigenetics Streptococcus Thermophilus supplement capsules.

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Microbiome Testing

Track Your Gut Health: Microbiome Testing Biohacks Longevity Metrics

How do you know if your GI tract is imbalanced? Beyond identifying symptoms, biohackers should complete microbiome testing. This biohack will show you how to optimize your diet and lifestyle to enhance your longevity.

Different shapes of children's building toys in a delicately balanced structure.

Microbiome Testing Looks for Gut Diversity

The term microbiome refers to the community of microorganisms that live in and on the human body. These microorganisms, which include bacteria, viruses, and fungi, play a vital role in the maintenance of overall health and the promotion of longevity. Aging causes many negative changes in the microbiome, including a decline in the diversity of bacteria in the gut, an increase in the number of pro-inflammatory bacteria, and a decrease in the number of beneficial, anti-inflammatory bacteria.1 Having high bacterial diversity is associated with improved health status, better physical fitness, and increased lifespan in older adults.2,3

Biohack Your Longevity With a Focus on the Gut

Microbiome testing involves analyzing a person’s microbiome using a stool sample to determine the types and amounts of microorganisms present. This information can then be used to identify imbalances, or dysbiosis, in the microbiome. Bacterial imbalances are associated with many different inflammatory health conditions and diseases including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer.3,4

Microbiome Testing Shows Where to Improve

Microbiome testing can help you determine the optimal diet, nutrition, and supplementation routines to support your microbiome and gut health and avoid bacterial imbalances. Many microbiome testing strategies will use proprietary algorithms to analyze your results and provide diet and supplement recommendations.

Microbiome testing allows biohackers to get actionable feedback on the health of their microbiome as well as on the effect of their diet, lifestyle, and exercise habits on it, and how it will change with age.

“You can’t have a sick gut and a healthy body. They are interrelated.”

Dr. Jeffrey Bland

The Father of Functional Medicine

Banner with an illustrated intestine shape filled by colorful microbes.

At-Home Microbiome Tests


Box of Viome Full Body Intelligence Test Kit.

Unlock your body’s potential with the Full Body Intelligence™ Test, providing personalized nutrition recommendations based on 50+ health scores. Assess your microbiome, improve digestion, cellular health, and more with tailored food, supplements, prebiotics, and probiotics.


Box of Ombre at-home gut health test kit.

Explore the Ombre Difference, a personalized microbiome report with probiotic recommendations, bacteria analysis, and evidence-based food suggestions. Backed by clinically-studied strains, it’s a science-backed approach to your wellness journey.


Box of Biohm at-home Gut Test Kit.

Get a comprehensive assessment of your gut health through the BIOHM Gut Test, which offers one of the most extensive sequencing options for consumers. You’ll also receive actionable recommendations to enhance your digestive well-being.

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Broaden your understanding of longevity science by tracking the latest findings from these accomplished specialists.

Dr. Amy Killen

Black and white photo of biohacker Dr. Amy Killen on a blue background.

Dr. Amy Killen is an author, entrepreneur, and physician specializing in anti-aging and regenerative medicine. She has experience in hormone therapy, sexual wellness, stem cell therapy, and integrative medicine. With respect to biohacking, she strongly supports that optimizing sexual health can promote wellness and longevity.

Her experience as an emergency doctor allowed her to see first-hand the effects of chronic illness, which led to her to explore regenerative medicine. Her current practice is focused on traditional medicine mixed with regenerative therapy, hormone therapy, and prevention-focused techniques. She is the founder and CEO of the Human Optimization Project, a company offering education and supplements for longevity and wellness.  

Dr. Killen also helped develop the Full Body Stem Cell Makeover, a revolutionary procedure for body rejuvenation. She is an in demand speaker in the holistic health world and has shared her expertise in various podcasts as well as on social media through YouTube and Twitter.

Max Gotzler

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Max Gotzler, also known as the “Lifestyle Biohacker,” is a Berlin-based author, coach, and entrepreneur who leads the largest German biohacking community. His focus is on lifestyle strategies that can enhance energy and well-being while reducing stress.

Formerly a professional athlete, Max discovered the power of the Flow State in achieving a healthy lifestyle and optimal well-being. He founded Flowgrade, a lifestyle company offering biohacking courses and products that help people achieve the Flow State, reach peak performance, and essentially live their best life.

Max is the host of The Flowgrade Show and regularly encourages his Instagram followers to proactively optimize their health. He’s a regular speaker at biohacking summits and a well-received guest on popular podcasts, where he shares his knowledge on personal development and biohacking for healthier lifestyles. His expertise has been featured in various media outlets including ZEIT Online, Brand Eins, ARD, ZDF, and Bloomberg.

Biohacking Longevity FAqs

Biohack Longevity with Better Gut Health

Unlocking longevity through a healthier gut for a more vibrant and fulfilling life.

  • How does increasing fiber intake contribute to biohacking longevity through gut health?

    Increasing fiber intake supports gut health by promoting regular bowel movements, preventing constipation, and providing nourishment for beneficial gut bacteria. Fiber-rich foods, such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes, help maintain a healthy gut microbiome, which is essential for overall well-being and longevity.

  • What are a biohacker’s view on probiotics for biohacking gut health and longevity?

    Probiotics provide beneficial bacteria that can help maintain a balanced microbiome, improve digestion, strengthen the immune system, and potentially reduce the risk of certain diseases.

  • How can biohacking longevity with gut health include fermented foods?

    Including fermented foods in your diet, such as sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, or yogurt, supports gut health by providing live bacteria that can populate and diversify the gut microbiome. These foods offer a natural source of probiotics and can enhance digestion and overall well-being.

  • What is the role of prebiotic foods in biohacking longevity through gut health?

    Prebiotic foods, such as garlic, onions, asparagus, and bananas, contain fibers that nourish beneficial gut bacteria. Consuming prebiotics supports the growth and activity of these bacteria, promoting a healthy gut microbiome and contributing to overall longevity and well-being.

  • Can gut microbiome testing be beneficial for biohacking longevity?

    Yes, gut microbiome testing provides insights into the composition and diversity of the gut bacteria. By understanding the unique profile of one’s microbiome, individuals can make targeted dietary and lifestyle adjustments to optimize gut health, support longevity, and reduce the risk of certain diseases.

  • How does gut health impact the immune system and biohacking longevity?

    Gut health plays a critical role in supporting a robust immune system. A healthy gut microbiome helps regulate immune function, reduces inflammation, and enhances overall immunity. By optimizing gut health through biohacking strategies, individuals can support longevity and reduce the risk of immune-related diseases.

  • What are some biohacking strategies to promote a healthy gut for longevity?

    Biohacking strategies for gut health include consuming a diverse range of plant-based foods, reducing processed foods and refined sugars, managing stress levels, getting regular physical activity, and considering targeted probiotic or prebiotic supplementation. These strategies help create an optimal environment for a healthy gut and promote longevity.

  • Can gut health impact cognitive function and biohacking longevity?

    Yes, there is a strong connection between gut health and cognitive function. The gut-brain axis allows communication between the gut and the brain, and a healthy gut microbiome supports optimal brain function. By prioritizing gut health through biohacking, individuals can potentially enhance cognitive function and support longevity.

  • How does biohacking gut health tie into nutrient absorption and longevity?

    A healthy gut is crucial for proper nutrient absorption and utilization. By optimizing gut health through biohacking practices, individuals can enhance their ability to absorb essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients from the diet. This promotes overall well-being, supports cellular function, and contributes to longevity.

  • What role does the gut-brain connection play in biohacking longevity?

    The gut-brain connection, through the gut-brain axis, influences various aspects of well-being, including mood, stress response, and overall brain health. Biohacking gut health can positively impact this connection, supporting mental well-being, stress reduction, and enhancing cognitive function. By optimizing the gut-brain connection through biohacking practices, individuals can potentially promote longevity by nurturing a healthy and harmonious relationship between the gut and the brain. This can lead to improved mental resilience, emotional well-being, and overall longevity.

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Cultivating Gut Health for Longevity

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How to Build, Maintain & Repair Gut Health

Probiotics Guide: How to Pick the Right Probiotic – Gut Bacteria Overview

Do This to Instantly Improve Your Gut Health

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Discover podcasts, YouTube channels, websites, apps, and more to enhance your knowledge and empower your biohacking journey.

Simple black text logo for The Doctor's Farmacy, with Mark Hyman M.D.

The Doctor’s Farmacy

The Doctor’s Farmacy podcast is a popular health and wellness podcast hosted by Dr. Mark Hyman, a renowned physician and advocate for functional medicine.

The podcast explores a wide range of topics related to nutrition, lifestyle, and overall well-being. Dr. Hyman invites expert guests from various fields, including medicine, nutrition, psychology, and fitness, to share their insights and knowledge. The discussions delve into evidence-based approaches to health, including the impact of food on our bodies, the importance of gut health, strategies for disease prevention, and the role of personalized medicine.

The podcast aims to empower listeners with practical information to make informed choices for their health.

The Doctor’s Farmacy Podcast

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The Gut Foundation

The Gut Foundation is an Australian organization dedicated to promoting awareness and understanding of gut health. They focus on research, education, and public outreach to improve digestive health.

The foundation offers a range of free resources on their website, including informative articles, fact sheets, and downloadable guides on various gut-related topics. These resources cover issues such as gut disorders, nutrition, probiotics, and gut-friendly recipes.

The Gut Foundation aims to empower individuals with knowledge about their gut health and provide practical information to help them make informed decisions for their overall well-being.