Lose Weight With These Biohacking Techniques

Losing weight is far from impossible with these proven-effective practices

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Gut Health Biohacks

Step One: Biohack Your Microbiome

Your gut microbiome, the microscopic flora that lives in your digestive tract, is of utter and crucial importance. In fact, researchers consider it to be a secondary organ. New research demonstrates the pivotal role a healthy microbiome plays in weight management.

Close-up rendering of the inside of an intestine with green microbes indicating the microbiome.

Fermented Foods, Intermittent Fasting Helps

Relatively new science has emerged about the body’s microbiome,1 which is the scientific name for the colony of microscopic fungi, bacteria, and viruses that live on our skin and throughout our gastrointestinal tract.2 While it may seem like these living creatures are separate from us, the opposite is actually true. The microbiome works interdependently within our body to regulate our health in various ways. Its role in the body includes helping us maintain a healthy weight. Its importance cannot be overstated: Many researchers refer to it as a secondary organ.3 As it turns out, caring for your microbiome just may be the ultimate biohack. 

Feed Your Microbiome with Fermented, Whole Foods

You have a unique colony of microorganisms inherited at birth from your mother and impacted by everything you’ve ever consumed. A person who survives on junk food and regulates their health with antibiotics has a very different microbiome than a person who eats fresh fruits and vegetables3 and travels internationally. A rich diversity of food (and occasional bouts of traveler’s sickness) can be good and bad for the gut.4 Think of it like a grassy lawn: Probiotics and nutritious foods are like mats of fresh sod, while antibiotics, alcohol, and contaminated water or food are similar to weeds and herbicide.

Biohack Your Weight and Health By Caring for Your Gut

The healthier our microbiome is, the stronger our immune system,5 the stabler our moods,6 and the healthier our weight.7 Research has repeatedly demonstrated that when a person’s microbiome has a balanced diversity of organisms that outweigh harmful bacteria, it’s more likely this person will achieve and maintain a healthy weight.8

To support your gut health, it’s best to avoid alcohol,9 eat a diet rich in fermented foods,10 follow intermittent fasting protocols,11 and have healthy sleeping habits.12 If you care for your microbiome, in turn, it will care for you.

“The gut is a powerful teacher. By listening to its signals, we can better understand what our body needs and how to nourish it.”

Dr. Giulia Enders

Scientist & Author

Eight cartoon germ monsters with different emotions, in blue, pink, yellow, or green.

Fermented Foods

Fermenting Fairy

Bottles of Fermenting Fairy elderberry ginger lemonade and vanilla coconut milk kefir and container of lemon ginger sauerkraut.

Fermenting Fairy provides a variety of fermented vegan foods, such as sauerkraut, kefir, and lemonade, rich in diverse probiotics for gut health and a strong immune system. These eco-friendly glass-bottled products arrive delicious and safe at any temperature, and consuming them throughout the day ensures a robust gut and immune system.

Hamptons Brine

Jar of Hamptons Brine Raw Probiotic Sauerkraut with Carrots.

Introducing Hamptons Brine: a gateway to enhanced vitality. Their live probiotic superfoods foster robust gut health, immunity, brain function, and weight management. Initiated by health coach Nadia Ernestus, who triumphed over Type 2 diabetes through a veggie-centric diet. Embrace their natural, organic, and optimistic approach for a nourishing journey.

Olive My Pickle

Dish of spicy kosher dill fermented pickles by Olive My Pickle.

Savor their fiery Spicy Kosher Dill Fermented Pickles with crushed red pepper flakes for a warm to medium heat. Naturally fermented in high-mineral saltwater brine, they contain 13 billion CFUs of lactobacillus per serving and come in a package with over a pound of pickles and probiotic-rich brine. Spice up your pickle experience.

GT’s Living Food

Jar of GT's Living Foods Cocoyo living coconut yogurt in passionfruit guava flavor.

Savor GT’s distinctive non-dairy coconut yogurt, crafted with two young Thai coconuts per jar. It’s a creamy, low-sugar delight infused with over 100 billion probiotics. Made from tender Nam Hom coconuts from Thailand and fresh fruit juice, it’s ready-to-eat and versatile for sweet or savory creations.

Pre/Probiotic Drinks


Four cans of Health-Ade Kombucha in ginger lemon, pink lady apple, passion fruit tangerine, and pomegranate flavors.

Health-Ade seeks to harness the potential of gut health, asserting its influence on mood, energy, immunity, blood sugar, and sleep. They aim to educate about the gut, promote its understanding, and encourage its right nourishment. They believe a healthy gut brings out one’s best self, benefiting everyone.

R’s Koso

Bottle of R's Koso Japanese probiotic enzyme drink next to its box.

“Koso,” a traditional Japanese enzyme drink, offers a blend of probiotics, prebiotics, and postbiotics from over 100 plant-based ingredients. R’s KOSO, rich in iodine and nutrients, supports thyroid function and stimulates gut microbiota growth, popular among health-conscious individuals for over a century.


Four cans of Olipop soda in tropical punch, classic grape, orange squeeze, and lemon lime flavors.

OLIPOP combines traditional soda flavors with nourishing ingredients, including OLISMART: a blend of eight botanicals, plant fibers, and prebiotics, handpicked for their microbiome-supporting benefits. Its unique taste and health-focused composition have made it popular among customers.

Pre/Probiotic Supplements

Athletic Greens

Athletic Greens AG1 starter pack with storage jar, scoop, box of travel packs, bag of AG1 powder, and shaker bottle.

AG1 is a holistic health solution, prioritizing gut health with 75 harmoniously blended ingredients. It fosters overall wellness, fulfilling daily nutrient needs. Easily incorporated into routines with one daily scoop mixed with cold water. Suitable for everyone, athletes, and compatible with Vegan, Paleo, and Keto diets.


Bottle of Thorne Berberine supplement capsules.

Berberine is a potent botanical that aids heart health, metabolic function, glucose regulation, and gastrointestinal balance. It offers nutritional support for healthy cholesterol and blood sugar levels, promotes GI microbial balance, and supports overall metabolic well-being.

Pure Encapsulations

Bottle of Pure Encapsulations A.I. Enzymes supplement capsules.

A.I. Enzymes offers comprehensive support for digestion and overall health. This vegan enzyme blend aids in the digestion of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, compensating for enzymes lost in processed and cooked foods. It is a vegan-friendly supplement.

Nordic Naturals

Container of Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega soft gels and bottle of Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega liquid.

Nordic Naturals provides essential nutrients for optimal health, offering fish oil products in a highly absorbable triglyceride molecular form. They are non-GMO, rigorously third-party tested, and meet global standards for purity and freshness. With the Friend of the Sea certification, their sustainably made fish oils are produced in a zero waste facility powered by biofuel.


Microbiome Diet

Book cover of The Microbiome Diet by Dr. Raphael Kellman with a blue and white background.

Dr. Raphael Kellman’s Microbiome Diet offers a transformative wellness approach, highlighting gut health’s central role. The book provides meal plans, actionable advice, and connects gut health with weight management and health conditions, establishing a comprehensive guide for lasting vitality and enhanced digestion.

Super Gut

Book cover of Super Gut by Dr. William Davis with a stomach shape made up of colorful dots on a white background.

Super Gut by Dr. William Davis is a life-changing guide into gut health, featuring a detailed four-week plan for microbiome reform. With focus on diet and lifestyle changes, it utilizes evidence-based strategies to enhance digestive health and overall vitality. This guide empowers readers to leverage their microbiome for enduring wellness.

Gut Health Reset

Gut Health Reset for Beginners is an enlightening guide that navigates readers towards enhanced gut health. Offering practical tips and strategies, it maps out pathways for gut healing, energy boost, and overall wellness. It serves as a vital resource for individuals aiming for sustainable weight loss and optimal gut health.


Kefir Connection

Light green with bubbles icon for Kefir Connection App.

Kefir Connection brings the joy of homemade probiotic drinks like milk kefir, kombucha, and yogurt closer. This app offers tutorials, timers, videos, and a community for your fermentation journey. Perfect for all skill levels, it enables batch tracking, grain sharing, supply ordering, and access to valuable tips and recipes.

Kombuch App

Orange spotted KombuchApp icon.

Enhance your kombucha brewing with KombuchApp! This app enables easy logging and tracking of brews, using photos, notes, and reminders to ensure perfect timing. Upgrade for extra features like second fermentation logging and customized reminders. Begin your kombucha brewing journey with KombuchApp!

Hakko Bako

Explore fermentation’s wonders and microbial magic with the HakkoBako app’s guides. From crafting sourdough starters to making lacto-fermented hot sauces and gingerbug sodas, unlock unique flavors and foods through fermentation.

Ferment App

Icon for FermentApp with black and white block text on white background.

Embark on a DIY culinary journey with FermentApp. Dive into ten theory-rich lessons and 16 progressive recipes, from basics to homemade kimchi, guided by helpful alerts. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned fermenter, enhance your diet with flavorful, homemade ferments and pickles — all supported by experience.

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Weight Loss Nutrition

Whole, Nutritious Foods Are the Ultimate Weight Biohack

Whole foods, processed foods, and ultra-processed foods are all digested differently. The more nutrients you get from whole, high-quality foods, the less effort you’ll need to achieve and maintain a healthy weight. So, help your body out by literally eating the rainbow.

Five by seven rectangle of evenly spaced brown bowls filled with different fruits and vegetables.

Power of Whole Foods and Calorie Balance

Eating the right amounts of whole foods is foundational for achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. It may seem like common sense, yet most people don’t integrate this knowledge into their daily lives. Research shows that the most important factor when it comes to weight loss is to eat less than your energetic needs.1 However, what you eat is also critical, especially when seeking holistic physical health.

Calories In, Calories Out Isn’t So Simple

Weight loss journeys often start with the concept of “calories in, calories out.” Indeed, it is important to track calories to maintain a deficit based on your physical needs. A negative energy balance results in weight reduction.2 Logging everything you consume will help you track your calories and compare your intake with how much energy you expend each day. The “calories out” part of the equation includes your daily exercise coupled with your resting energy expenditure and the thermal effect of food. Keep in mind that all foods have different diet-induced thermogenesis: Protein uses the most calories, followed by carbohydrates, then fats.3 

Beyond micronutrients, whole foods and processed foods are used and digested in the body very differently. Hormones such as ghrelin, which triggers hunger, and leptin, which alerts the brain to satiety, respond differently to an apple than they do to apple juice. Junk food triggers dopamine, which makes us crave more even if we’re not hungry.4 Addiction to sugar, for example, can be just as strong as an addiction to cocaine.5 Not getting enough sleep6 and the hormones surrounding a woman’s menstrual cycle7 also determine how the body processes and yearns for unhealthy foods.

Biohack Your Hormones By Reaching for Whole Foods

The quality of your food, rather than just the amount, impacts how you store and release fat. (That’s true for other things, like hormones and sleep, too.) To get the most out of your incoming calories, seek out whole foods that react more naturally with the digestive and endocrine systems. Avoid pre-processed fast food, which has been found to contain hormone-disrupting chemicals,8 and opt for full-fat, low-sugar products.9 When you choose nutritious whole foods, you’ll find your cravings for processed foods diminish, making it easier to feel satisfied and maintain a healthier weight.10

“If you only have the chance to do one thing differently today, make it a change in the food you eat. Every meal, every snack, every visit to the fridge is a chance to do things differently.”

Dr. David Perlmutter

Neurologist & Author

Illustrated row of simple colored fruits and vegetables overlapping each other.

Online Markets

Hungry Root

A variety of grocery products popping out from the top of an open Hungryroot box.

A personalized grocery shopping experience begins with a simple quiz at Hungry Root. They create a tailored plan based on your goals, household size, dietary needs, and meal preferences. Recommendations of groceries and recipes align perfectly with your needs. With the ability to review and edit, you control your delivery and enjoy doorstep convenience.

Thrive Market

A variety of grocery products peaking out from the top of an open Thrive Market box.

Consider a risk-free membership for exclusive access to sustainable, high-quality products. With over one million members, this community supports better brands and contributes to a better world. Significant savings come with each membership, which also gives back by providing a membership to someone in need, combining healthy living with community support.

Misfits Market

A large variety of grocery and produce products next to and on top of a Misfits Market box.

Misfits Market is an online value grocer tackling food waste while providing affordable, high-quality food. Partnering with farmers and producers, they offer a variety of products including organic produce, meats, seafood, plant proteins, dairy, and pantry staples. They continuously expand their organic and specialty produce offerings, prioritizing affordability and wide geographical accessibility.

Butcher Box

Several packages of different meat products in front of an open ButcherBox.

ButcherBox prioritizes accessible high-quality meat, focusing on animal welfare, farmer support, and environmental sustainability. Their products include 100% grass-fed beef, antibiotic-free free-range chicken, additive-free wild-caught seafood, and crate-free, hormone-free pork. They’re on a mission to make high-quality meat more accessible while advocating for animal welfare, farmer support, and environmental responsibility.



Noom app icon with a white small circle to the upper right of a larger circle on a salmon-colored background.

Noom revolutionizes weight loss through science and personalization. Their psychology-backed lessons build confidence and empower users to make informed choices. With personalized coaching and tracking tools, Noom supports progress at one’s own pace, enabling lasting change.


Lifesum, a leading global healthy eating platform, believes food fuels life. Their app empowers users with personalized nutrition insights, meal plans, and one-tap trackers for better eating habits, weight management, and improved performance. Simplify healthy eating with Lifesum’s expert guidance.


MyNetDiary app icon with a measuring tape around a green apple on a dark green background.

Find your ideal diet , Calorie Counting, Low-Carb, Keto, Vegan and more. Set targets for weight loss, track meals, and exercise with the app. Get ongoing guidance, nutritional insights, and hundreds of easy recipes. Food tracking made easy with a massive catalog and quick barcode scanner.


Fooducate app icon with a smiling cartoon orange wearing a sweatband on a white background.

Track meals, water, and exercise with Fooducate. Uncover food quality with Food Grades. Scan foods easily. Personalize your diet with low-carb, vegan, paleo, and keto options. Access dietary recommendations, join a supportive community, and explore delicious recipes for a health-conscious lifestyle.


PlateJoy app icon with an orange circle next to three progressively larger half-circles in pink and blue on a white background.

Simplify healthy eating with custom meal plans tailored to your preferences and goals. Take a lifestyle quiz, and PlateJoy’s algorithms create ultra-personalized menus based on 50 data points about you. Receive convenient and delicious meal plans on your schedule.

The Fresh Market

The Fresh Market app logo with white text and leaf icon on a green background.

Discover all your favorite foods, conveniently in one place! Browse your local store’s offerings, from quality meat and seafood to fresh produce, easy meals, and more. Create lists, check weekly specials, and elevate your Fresh Market shopping experience!

Meal Plans


Plate of Honey Mustard Chicken with Roasted Rosemary Potatoes and Garlic Green Beans by Factor 75.

Factor 75 simplifies healthy eating by delivering fresh, chef-crafted meals to your doorstep. With a weekly menu curated by dietitians, these never-frozen meals are ready to heat and enjoy in minutes. Using premium ingredients, Factor 75 offers restaurant-quality nutrition at home, backed by science and dietitian expertise.

Purple Carrot

Healthy meal by Purple Carrot with mushrooms, jalapenos, cilantro, yellow bell peppers, and rice.

Purple Carrot Meals offer clinically proven plant-based options that promote weight loss and lower LDL cholesterol levels in just 4 weeks. Their commitment to a plant-based future extends to environmental impact, as adopting plant-based choices one day a week can equate to removing 7.6 million cars from the road. With over 20,000 edible plants available, Purple Carrot embraces the diversity of plant-based cuisine and the positive change it brings to the world.

Daily Harvest

Plate with three cacao nib and vanilla cookie dough bites by Daily Harvest.

Daily Harvest offers chef-crafted, sustainably sourced meals that are both delicious and easy to prepare, with a focus on fruits and vegetables. Their mission is to encourage daily consumption of these nutritious foods while promoting a healthier and more sustainable food system. Through their commitment to responsible sourcing and innovative growing practices, Daily Harvest is changing the way we eat, grow, and think about our food, one box at a time.

Hello Fresh

Moo Shu Beef Bowl with cabbage, scallions, and buttery rice by HelloFresh.

HelloFresh simplifies meal planning and preparation. Choose a flexible plan tailored to your lifestyle, with the freedom to cancel, change meals, or skip a week as needed. Each week, receive easy-to-follow recipes with nutritional information and pre-measured ingredients for hassle-free cooking. Enjoy delicious, stress-free dinners without the endless “what do you want to eat?” debate. HelloFresh takes the guesswork out of mealtime.

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Fasting Protocols

Fasting Protocols Are Effective and Popular Biohacks for Weight Loss

Fasting, which focuses on when you eat rather than what you eat, has been a popular topic of research in recent years. As it turns out, it is perhaps the most effective weight loss biohacking tool. Experiment with various methods to find the right fasting strategy for you!

Tan dinner plate being used as an alarm clock face with fork and knife as the hands.

Check Blood Work Before Experimenting

A popular and perhaps the most effective biohack for weight is intermittent fasting, a regimen that focuses not on what you eat but rather when you eat.1 When you follow one of the many different fasting regimes, you allow your body to exhaust its glucose reserves and burn fat. As your body gets used to this, you enhance your metabolic flexibility.


When people start integrating fasting, their 24-hour day may include avoiding food for 10 hours in the day and eating the other 14 hours. This time-restricted eating protocol has been shown to promote weight loss.2 As your body gets used to fasting, you can shrink the eating window to 8 hours. Although this biohack has been shown to result in weight loss, some studies suggest that using the 16:8 fasting method doesn’t necessarily promote more weight loss than simply consuming fewer calories without time restrictions.3


As you become more metabolically flexible, try eating regularly for five days a week. For the other two days, eat up to 500 calories if you’re a woman and 600 calories if you’re a man. This fast-mimicking diet has been proven to reshape metabolism and improve health.4 While you may not lose more weight than with simple caloric restriction, people who follow the 5:2 regimen report that it’s easier to stay consistent.5


Alternate Day Fasting, or ADF, requires people to eat to satiety one day, then eat and drink no more than 500 calories the next. Unlike other fasting methods, ADF has been proven to significantly decrease weight6 and improve body composition. It’s actually so effective as a biohack that some researchers believe it could be used as a clinical intervention for obesity.7

Prolonged Fasting

Burning ketones naturally reduces your appetite,8 so eventually, you’ll feel comfortable only consuming non-caloric drinks like water and black coffee for anywhere from four to 21 days.9 This helps induce the process of autophagy, which offers significant health benefits well beyond weight loss.10 Autophagy has been shown to reduce many risk factors for disease and enhance muscle mass during periods of weight loss.11

“We are wired for feast and famine, not feast, feast, feast.”

Dr. Jason Fung

Functional Medicine Leader

Banner showing a row of the same clock face at eight different times of the day.

Fasting Support Products


Bag of ProLon Life chocolate fasting shake mix and glass of a mixed shake.

Fasting Shake by ProLon combines premium ingredients and longevity science to support fat burn, performance, and a longevity lifestyle. Rooted in 18 years of nutrition research, it nourishes the body without activating cellular nutrient-sensing pathways, allowing the benefits of intermittent fasting without hunger. Enjoy it as a breakfast replacement or between-meal snack.

Beam Minerals

Two bottles of Beam Minerals Micro-Boost and Electrolyze liquid micronutrient support.

BEAM Minerals delivers vital minerals and electrolytes to boost your energy and overall performance. With plant-based humic and fulvic minerals, it enhances hydration, muscle regeneration, and endurance while supporting your body’s energy production. BEAM Minerals results in increased energy, faster healing, clearer thinking, and improved functionality, especially during fasting.


Lose It!

Lose It app icon that looks like an orange bathroom scale.

Lose It! is a versatile tool for calorie counting, nutrition tracking, and intermittent fasting to aid in weight loss. Set your profile and daily calorie budget based on goals, track food, weight, and activity for habit change and nutrition insight.

Carb Manager

Carb Manager is your personalized keto journey companion, going beyond just calorie counting. It seamlessly integrates with FitBit, Garmin, and numerous other apps and devices through Apple Health and Google Fit, enabling you to meet your health goals more effectively.


Zero Intermittent Fasting app icon with white text on a red-orange background.

Embrace the “Every day starts at Zero” approach for balanced health. Swap diets for sustainable habits like intermittent fasting. Prioritize the Four Pillars of Health: Eat, Move, Sleep, and Restore. Sync health apps for real-time tracking and personalized guidance.


Window Intermittent Fasting Tracker app logo with teal fork and knife icons on a white background.

Window is your go-to intermittent fasting companion, providing expert-guided, personalized recommendations for a healthier you. Track fasting, set weight loss goals, monitor water intake, and gain insights from nutritionists to confidently follow an effective intermittent fasting plan.


Simple Intermittent Fasting app icon with white dot within a circle on a purple background.

The SIMPLE intermittent fasting app offers an effective approach to weight loss and better health. Trusted by millions, it provides daily accountability, expert guidance, and tailored feedback for improved nutrition habits and intermittent fasting. Take small steps to a healthier life with SIMPLE.

Sunrise Fasting

Sunrise Fasting app icon with a white outline of an hourglass on an orange circle on a white background.

Sunrise Fasting is your comprehensive guide to intermittent fasting. Track your fasting progress, access valuable stats and information, whether you’re a seasoned faster or just starting your intermittent fasting journey. Start your path to a healthier you with Sunrise Fasting.


Intuitive Fasting

Book cover of Intuitive Fasting by Dr. Will Cole with one full and two empty dinner plates on a white background.

“Intuitive Fasting” by Dr. Will Cole introduces a holistic approach to intermittent fasting, challenging conventional eating patterns to improve metabolic flexibility. Dr. Cole’s 4-Week Flexible Fasting Plan guides readers through various intermittent fasting windows, emphasizing a balance between fasting and nutrient-dense foods, and includes over 65 recipes.

Complete Guide to Fasting

Complete Guide to Fasting book cover showing coffee, apple cider vinegar, and bone broth.

“The Complete Guide to Fasting” offers comprehensive intermittent fasting guidance, suitable for beginners or those refining their fasting routine. It addresses weight loss, insulin response, mental clarity, and longevity, with a 7-Day Kick-Start Fasting Plan and 20 healing recipes, simplifying fasting beyond complex diets.

Fast. Feast. Repeat

Book cover of Fast Feast Repeat by Gin Stephens with simple illustration of fork, knife, and plate on a white background.

“Fast. Feast. Repeat.” by Gin Stephens introduces the Delay, Don’t Deny® intermittent fasting lifestyle, shedding light on the inefficacy of diets. With the 28-Day FAST Start, beginners and experienced fasters alike will master intermittent fasting, bolster their mindset, and stay updated on the latest university-backed research supporting IF’s health benefits, including weight loss.

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Carnivore Diet

Some See Biohacking Success With an All-Meat Diet, But Researchers Are Cautious of Long-Term Concerns

Although a carnivore diet may offer benefits like weight loss and increased energy, scientists warn that health risks such as gastrointestinal issues and problems arising from the high intake of saturated fat outweigh the potential advantages. Balance is key.

Piece of juicy grilled steak on a fork.

Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Are Necessary

Many biohackers who love meat and are interested in lowering body fat percentage consider a carnivore diet. On this diet, you’ll only eat red meat, seafood, poultry, and eggs. The goal is to eat zero carbohydrates. This way of eating will deplete glucose in the blood and force the body into ketosis, which, in turn, will burn body fat and promote weight loss.1 Notwithstanding the benefits related to weight loss, researchers agree that, when it comes to this biohack, the health risks outweigh the benefits. 

The idea of a carnivorous diet goes back millions of years, when humans survived on a low-carbohydrate, high-protein diet. By eating only meat, humans evolved into having strong insulin resistance and regulated glucose levels. People who follow a carnivorous diet report high satisfaction and boosts of energy, suggesting it’s easy to get accustomed to if you enjoy eating meat.2 It’s one way to potentially reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, as some scientists point to the modern reliance on carbohydrates, including vegetables, fruit, and grains, as a cause.3 

Old Ways Aren’t Always Better

However, our early ancestors didn’t live as long as modern humans do. Carnivores are often subject to significant gastrointestinal problems, such as constipation, although one study suggests a lack of dietary fiber is not to blame.4 Conversely, some carnivore enthusiasts point to the fact that common foods that cause inflammation, such as lectins from certain vegetables and gluten from certain grains, are omitted with this way of eating. Researchers say it’s possible to consume plant-based foods and avoid these concerns.5

High Blood Pressure? Avoid This Way of Eating

If you wish to follow a carnivorous diet, it’s a good idea to take vitamin and mineral supplements.6 Consider the Inuits, who traditionally eat a carnivore diet, ate whale skin, which is rich in vitamin C.7 If you don’t eat whale skin, you may want to take a supplement. Meanwhile, those with chronic cardiovascular conditions like high blood pressure or a history of stroke should avoid this diet altogether, as meat is high in saturated fat and processed meats are high in sodium.1 No matter who you are, if you attempt this biohack, you should talk with your physician and consider getting your bloodwork done regularly.

“Animal foods are healthy and nutritious and will help you reduce excess body fat, build lean muscle, and generally promote peak performance.”

Mark Sisson

Health & Fitness Expert

Banner with six chunks of raw beef.


Ancestral Supplements

Three bottles of Ancestral Supplements capsules in Beef Organs, Beef Thyroid, and Beef Liver varieties.

Discover the Ancestral Supplements Difference — superior beef organ supplements, sourced from New Zealand and Australia, grass-fed, and freeze-dried. Revitalize your health with nutrients that modern diets often lack, and experience enhanced energy, immunity, gut health, and vitality.

Heart & Soil

Three bottles of Heart and Soil supplements in bone marrow and liver, beef organs, and firestarter varieties.

Discover the Wisdom of Our Ancestors: Optimal health was achieved through nose-to-tail animal consumption. Organs provide abundant nutrients for vitality. Dr. Paul Saladino’s best-selling book, The Carnivore Code, supports this approach. Sourced from regenerative farms, they honor nature’s gifts.

Kettle & Fire

Carton of Kettle and Fire classic beef bone broth surrounded by rosemary, garlic, red onion, carrots, and celery.

Unleash the Power of Bone Broth for a healthier you. Discover how their high-quality Bone Broths, Soups, and Cooking Broths support your unique wellness goals: Collagen for beauty, Diet & Weight Loss, Exercise & Performance, Gut Health, Immunity & Inflammation, and Mobility & Recovery.

Optimal Carnivore

Bottle of Optimal Carnivore Grass-Fed Organ Complex supplement capsules.

Seeking the ultimate multivitamin for comprehensive nutritional support? Optimal Carnivore 9 Organ Complex offers a solution. This supplement, inspired by ancestral wisdom, combines nine nutrient-dense grass-fed beef organs, providing a powerful source of essential nutrients.


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Noble’s Organs Complex is a powdered blend of premium New Zealand grass-fed beef organs, including liver, heart, kidney, pancreas, and spleen. This concentrated source of pure beef nutrition is easily incorporated into smoothies, shakes, and recipes.

Carnivore Bar

Six packages of The Carnivore Bar on a wooden cutting board, three honey salted and three salted.

Fuel your active lifestyle with The Carnivore Bar — an ideal meal replacement for ancestral, carnivore, paleo, and keto eaters. Enjoy high-quality, natural ingredients without sacrificing on-the-go autonomy. Non-GMO, gluten-free, grass-fed, and hyper-digestible.

YouTube Channels

Dr. Ken Berry

Headshot of Dr. Ken Berry of the KenDBerryMD YouTube channel.

Explore Dr. Ken D. Berry’s YouTube channel for valuable insights on health and nutrition. As a Board Certified Family Physician, he shares knowledge gained from over 20,000 patients. Discover videos on diabetes, diet, and book reviews. Always consult a qualified healthcare professional for medical advice.

Nutrition with Judy

Headshot of Judy Cho, of the Nutrition with Judy YouTube channel.

Meet Judy Cho, a board-certified holistic nutritionist, certified nutritional therapy practitioner, and author of Carnivore Cure. With a focus on root-cause healing and gut health, her all-meat elimination diet offers optimal health. Passionate about animal-based foods, she aims to heal the world, one steak at a time.

My Zero Carb Life

My Zero Carb Life logo with blue and red text within a blue circle.

Welcome to the Carnivore channel, where Kelly Hogan, a 13-year Carnivore, shares interviews and episodes promoting the all-meat lifestyle. With 120 pounds lost and excellent health achieved, Kelly brings relatable info to help others lead a better life, all with a touch of humor.

Steak and Butter Gal

Cartoon headshot of Bella, of the Steak and Butter Gal YouTube channel.

Bella reveals her remarkable 3-year Carnivore Diet experience, encompassing skin, body, hair, mood, and overall health improvements. Engage in her 30-day challenge to embark on a transformative journey. Discover her recommended products and connect with her on various platforms for inspiration.


The Carnivore Code

Book cover of The Carnivore Code by Dr. Paul Saladino with a large grilled steak on a stone background.

Discover a healthier way to vitality with “The Carnivore Code” by Dr. Paul Saladino. This book backs the carnivore diet with scientific evidence for reduced inflammation, improved sleep, joint pain relief, mental clarity, and weight loss. Dr. Saladino provides practical guidance and meal plans for adopting this transformative approach to better health.

Lies My Doctors Told Me

Book cover of Lies My Doctor Told Me by Dr. Ken D. Berry with icons of crossed fingers, doctor, and Caduceus medical symbol on a blue and white background.

Dr. Ken Berry’s “Lies My Doctor Told Me” dispels medical myths and clarifies nutrition and health choices, uncovering truths about dietary guidelines, fat, wheat, dairy, salt, hormones, and inflammation. The book empowers readers to navigate the complexities of conventional medicine and make informed healthcare decisions.

Carnivore Diet

Book cover of The Carnivore Diet by Dr. Shawn Baker with a sliced grilled steak and rosemary sprigs on a black background.

Shawn Baker’s Carnivore Diet simplifies nutrition, focusing on meat for better health. This lifestyle reduces joint pain, improves digestion, and enhances mental stability. Grounded in science and real success stories, the book provides a roadmap for adopting the Carnivore Diet and addressing misconceptions.

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Vegetarian Diet

Plant-Based Is the Most Researched Biohacking Diet for Weight Loss

The proof is in the salad: A vegetarian diet is highly effective for weight loss. It also enhances cardiovascular health, lowers blood pressure, improves insulin sensitivity, and provides better glucose metabolism. What’s not to love?

Illustration of a hand holding up a fork with an artichoke on it, in front of an array of fruits and vegetables.

Start With One Meat-Free Day, Then Add More

Beyond calorie restriction and time-based eating, no diet has been proven to be as effective for weight loss as the vegetarian diet. There are two main kinds of plant-based eating protocols. The lacto-ovo diet avoids all meat, poultry, and seafood but allows for animal by-products such as eggs, milk, butter, and honey. Vegan diets avoid all animal products and by-products. On the other hand, a pescatarian diet allows for seafood, so it’s not considered plant-based1 but may still be effective for weight loss when paired with intermittent fasting.2

You’re Twice As Likely To Lose Weight With This Biohack

Researchers agree that plant-based diets are an effective biohack for preventing and reversing weight gain.3 Vegan diets in particular, compared to omnivore diets that allow for both plant and animal foods, are shown to improve overall weight.4 In fact, vegetarian diets are nearly twice as effective in reducing body weight than diets that include animal products.5 Combining a vegetarian diet with intermittent fasting may just be the most effective biohack for weight loss.

Vegetarian Diets Have Other Health Benefits, Too

Vegetarian diets have numerous proven health benefits beyond weight loss. Switching to a diet of plant-based foods, especially whole foods like fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, and whole grains, is known to enhance cardiovascular health, lower blood pressure, and improve glucose metabolism.6 This diet has also been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and cholesterol levels.7 If plant-based eating seems challenging, you can start the transition slowly by going meatless once a week.8

“Whether or not you are a strict vegetarian, your diet must be plant-predominant for optimal health.”

Dr. Joel Fuhrman

Nutrition Expert & Author

Four overlapping rows of many white bowls filled with healthy fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds.


The Vegetarian Reset

Book cover of The Vegetarian Reset by Vasudha Viswanath with a breakfast taco, skillet meal, ramen bowl, bread and butter, and Greek salad.

The Vegetarian Reset celebrates a foodie sensibility intersecting with healthy eating, offering global-inspired, low-carb recipes with whole foods like veggies and legumes. Delight in gluten-free goodness, from paella made of cauliflower rice to sweet brownies with dates. Embrace healthful eating and nourish your body while slimming!

The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook

Book cover of The Complete Vegetarian Cookbook with text over a baked tomato tart.

A bold and flavorful collection of over 300 fast recipes (45 minutes or less). With 500 gluten-free and 250 vegan options, discover hearty vegetable mains, rice, beans, soups, and more. Stunning photography showcases these veggie-packed dishes and essential cooking techniques.

Love Real Food

Book cover of Love Real Food by Kathryne Taylor with two bowls of vegetarian taco salad.

Learn more than 100 approachable, delicious meatless recipes for everyone—vegetarians, vegans, and meat-eaters—with special diet options. Cook wholesome plant-based meals with Kathryne Taylor’s creative recipes. From hearty salads to homemade pizzas, embrace whole foods and feel amazing while trimming your weight.

The Complete Plant-Based Cookbook

Book cover of The Complete Plant Based Cookbook with a vertical row of charred cauliflower tacos along the left side.

Explore ATK’s award-winning Complete Plant-Based Cookbook, offering 500+ foolproof recipes for every occasion that you can customize to be vegan or vegetarian. Easy, budget-friendly, and inclusive, explore boldly flavored dishes from cuisines worldwide. Learn practical plant-based techniques and boost flavor using umami-rich ingredients.

The Mexican Vegetarian Cookbook

Book cover of The Mexican Vegetarian Cookbook by Margarita Carrillo Arronte with pink, green, and yellow cut-out paper depicting a cactus scene.

Reveal the vibrant world of vegetarian Mexican home cooking with over 400 recipes. Enjoy vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free dishes showcasing Mexico’s diverse culinary history. From breakfast to desserts, master traditional and modern flavors with easy-to-follow instructions. A must-have for any Mexican cuisine enthusiast.

Love and Lemons Simple Feel Good Food

Book cover of Love and Lemon's Simple Feel Good Food by Jeanine Donofrio with creamy asparagus and peas orzo dish.

Discover Love & Lemons’ newest cookbook: Simple Feel-Good Food. It caters to all types of cooks, with easy, at-the-ready recipes and make-ahead options. From breakfast to dinner and dessert, enjoy flavorful, nourishing meals. Jeanine’s flow charts offer creative kitchen ideas. Perfect for vegans and vegetarians alike.

Vegetarian Meal Plans

The Plant-Based Workshop

Bowl of vegan Nama Shoyu Ramen with greens and mushrooms by The Plant Based Workshop.

The Plant-based Workshop recognizes that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to diet and wellness. Their mission is rooted in the belief that individuals are continually seeking the optimal dietary choices. Progress in both mental and physical well-being is considered a victory. The workshop is dedicated to the ongoing exploration and enhancement of the advantages of plant-based living, with a commitment to creating irresistibly delicious food. They aim to remove barriers and welcome everyone, regardless of their current diet or lifestyle, to join their community.

Hurry the Food Up

Vegetarian Black Bean Burrito Bowl by Hurry the Food Up.

Dave and Hauke launched the website in 2014, initially sharing their favorite vegetarian recipes. Concerned about industrial farming practices, they felt a need for change. Later, James joined the team and refocused the site on improving vegetarian health. James, with an MSc in Sports Nutrition and a role akin to a Family Physician, keeps the content up-to-date with the latest health and nutrition guidance. They also created the Vegetarian Protein Fix program to help women with weight loss by optimizing protein intake in a vegetarian diet. These three are dedicated to supporting women’s weight loss journeys.


Colorful vegan sweet potato quinoa bowl by Veecoco.

Lukas and Samuel are vegan twin brothers hailing from Germany, and they are the founders of Veecoco. Over the past two years, they’ve been on a mission to share the wonderful flavors and extensive variety of vegan cuisine with thousands of enthusiastic students worldwide. Have you ever thought that you could derive more enjoyment from your food and achieve a healthier feeling in your body? Do you believe that you and your family should experience happiness and well-being through the food you consume?

Purple Carrot

Plate of Crispy Buffalo Chickpea Wrap with Avocado Hummus and Romaine Salad by Purple Carrot.

Delight your taste buds with incredibly delicious and fulfilling plant-based meals. Begin by selecting a Meal Kit or Fresh, Prepared Meal plan, and then personalize your weekly delivery to your liking. It’s a simple process, ensuring you receive precisely what you desire – whether it’s meal kits, prepared meals, or a combination of both. Rest assured, they offer plenty of options, including easy-prep, high-protein, and gluten-free meals for your convenience. With our diverse selection, you can savor the flavors of wholesome plant-based cuisine without compromising on taste or nutrition.

Youtube Channels

Plant Based News

Plant Based News (PBN) is an educational media platform with an award-winning news team and a network of health and climate experts. PBN empowers individuals to transition to a sustainable diet and lifestyle through unique stories and features that explore diet, climate, and ethics. They embrace an open-minded approach to news, delivering content that resonates with their audience’s values and beliefs.

Rainbow Plant Life

Vegan Salted Chocolate Cream Tart by Rainbow Plant Life.

Nisha, the force behind Rainbow Plant Life, transitioned from law to passionate veganism. Her culinary journey started in college and flourished during her legal career. Inspired by her travels and vegan awareness, she turned Rainbow Plant Life into a full-time venture after leaving law. Nisha shares diverse vegan recipes promoting vibrant, compassionate plant-based cooking.

Gourmet Vegetarian Kitchen

Plate of coconut rice, Somtam Thai papaya salad, and teriyaki tempeh by Gourmet Vegetarian Kitchen.

Jeem Elliott, a Thai artist and the creator of Gourmet Vegetarian Kitchen.Com, transitioned from interior design in Thailand to a culinary enthusiast in Eugene, Oregon. Her culinary journey started with cookbooks but transformed when she had to raise her preemie daughter, emphasizing natural, minimally seasoned foods for their nutritional value and gourmet potential. Jean welcomes others to connect and share their stories.

High Carb Hannah

Plate of mango sticky rice by High Carb Hannah.

High Carb Hannah, a YouTube sensation, condenses her 70-pound weight loss journey with a whole foods, plant-based diet. Her holistic mission includes mental and physical health, emphasizing unprocessed staples like potatoes, rice, beans, and minimal starch processing. Her content covers recipes, daily meals, meal plans, and holistic living topics like positive thinking, self-love, relationships, motivation, minimalism, and advocacy for the environment and all beings.

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Ketogenic Diet

“Keto” Is a Biohacking Diet That Lets You Burn Fat While Eating to Satiety

The ketogenic diet switches the body’s fuel source from glucose to ketones. This allows you to burn stored body fat, all while eating satisfying foods. However, it requires you to limit carbohydrate intake and and keep track of macronutrients.

White dinner plate full of a salad with tomatoes, grilled chicken, and half an avocado.

Keto Shouldn’t Be a Long-Term Diet

The idea of a diet that allows you to burn stored body fat while allowing you to eat to satiety seems too good to be true. Perhaps that’s why it’s an increasingly popular biohack for weight management. The ketogenic diet started as a method for reducing seizures in epileptic children,1 but today it’s used by those who want to improve their metabolic flexibility and body composition. The Paleo, South Beach, and Atkins diets are all based on this concept.

Track Your Carb, Fat, and Protein Intake

To follow a keto diet, you must consume very little carbohydrates. These nutrients, abundant in most fruits, many vegetables, and grains, turn into sugar molecules in the body. They are the body’s preferred energy source, so you’ll burn these before burning any stored fat. When you eat primarily protein and fats for a few days, your liver will produce ketones from adipose tissue to use as energy.2 You’ll burn fat while eating satisfying foods like avocados, meat, and butters.3

Each body requires a different level of carbohydrate restriction to induce the process of ketosis.4 In general, if you eat only 20 to 50 grams of carbohydrates a day, you’ll start producing ketones within a two to four day time frame.1 This isn’t a low-calorie diet, so you’ll need to replace the calories you’d get from carbs with fats and protein. This diet requires you to closely track your macronutrients and focus on avoiding saturated fats, which are linked to heart disease.

Ketosis Can Help Biohack Sugar and Carb Habits

Researchers found that people can lose about two kilograms (4.4 pounds) more from a keto diet than from a low-fat diet over the course of a year,5 but studies show this weight loss is difficult to sustain upon returning to a more balanced diet.6 The keto diet is not meant to be a long-term diet. Most sources recommended following a keto diet for just a few weeks at a time. Integrating this type of diet can help break the habit of eating excessive amounts of simple sugars from bread, processed foods, and desserts.7

“Keto is the diet that lets you eat bacon, eggs, and cheese while still losing weight. It’s like a magical dream come true.”

Dr. Eric Berg

Health Educator

Banner showing varieties of keto diet toast, some with avocado, tomato, onion, shrimp, cucumbers, or lox.

Ketone Devices/Tests

Keto Mojo

Keto-Mojo GK plus Blood Glucose and Ketone Meter with test strip inserted next to smartphone, both devices' screens showing the same feedback.

Discover the GK+ Glucose & Ketone Meter – your ultimate keto tool! Sync readings to the app, track GKI, and gain insights into your diet. Recommended by experts and backed by a lifetime warranty. US-based customer support and extensive keto resources for success on your journey.


Ketonix Green Basic breath ketone analyzer device and smartphone with screen showing feedback app.

Ketonix AB, a Swedish company, specializes in the Ketonix breath ketone analyzer, a non-invasive class I medical device. Their team follows a low-carb diet, offering knowledgeable support. Their mission is to provide a simple, cost-effective way to monitor and optimize ketosis. Ships globally from Sweden.

The Girlfriend Doctor

Container of The Girlfriend Doctor Keto-pH Uric Acid Urinalysis Test Strips.

Introducing Keto-pH® Uric Acid Test Strips, upgraded to measure uric acid levels. Track ketones, pH, and uric acid easily. Manage fat loss, balanced hormones, and prevent metabolic issues. Research links uric acid to various health conditions. Test at home for a keto-green lifestyle. Rated 4.7/5 by 258 users.


Biosense glucose and ketone monitor device and smartphone with screen showing feedback app.

FDA Class I medical device with clinical trial backing. Track ketones effortlessly through breath acetone measurements — no finger pricking. Personalized insights for healthier living. Elegant, palm-sized design with strong battery life. Recalibration program ensures medical-grade accuracy.

Perfect Keto

Container of Perfect Keto ketone urinalysis test strips.

Pefect Ketone Test Strips – Lab-grade, non-invasive testing for your keto journey. Easy and painless, measure ketones in urine to track progress. Find the best foods for your body and stay in ketosis. No finger pricks or expensive equipment needed. Your key to success!



Ten-serving bottle of HVMN Ketone-IQ energy boost shot.

Experience Ketone-IQ™ – Nature’s Superfuel for enhanced energy, focus & athletic performance. No keto diet needed! Feel clear, focused, and ready to conquer the day. Stable energy, sharper focus, and appetite control. Unlock your peak potential with Ketone-IQ.

Core Keto

Three packages of Core Foods Keto Bars in chocolate chip cookie dough, birthday cake, and peanut butter chocolate flavors.

Explore their Keto Bars Variety Pack, a key to your Keto heart! Fall in love with their three delicious flavors. With only 3g of net carbs, probiotics, prebiotic fiber, zero added sugar, and certifications for Keto, non-GMO, gluten-free, and vegan, it’s a healthy delight for all.


Bottle of BioTRUST AbsorbMax Broad-Spectrum Digestive Enzyme Supplements.

Introducing BioTRUST’s IC-5: Advanced metabolic support with Berberine, Cinnamon, Chromax, Benfotiamine, and Naringin. Maintain healthy blood sugar levels, support carb metabolism, and manage weight with a unique blend of ingredients. Engineered for a ketogenic lifestyle!


Bag of Lakanto Keto Mini Crunchy Cookies in chocolate mint flavor.

Indulge your sweet tooth guilt-free with chocolate chip mini cookies. Keto-friendly, low-carb, non-GMO. Ideal for on-the-go snacking. Suitable for keto, vegan, gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, low-sugar diets. Lakanto promotes wellness through innovative, natural, and nutritious products.

Guardian Angel

Pint of Guardian Angel Desserts coconut vanilla keto ice cream.

Guardian Angel Desserts’ Coconut Vanilla blend combines ground whole vanilla beans with a subtle hint of coconut, making it the perfect companion for birthday cakes, apple pies, fudge brownies, coffee, hot chocolate, and berries. Elevate your desserts with this timeless and delightful flavor.

Bullet Proof

Container of Bulletproof apple cider vinegar max gummies in sugar-free apple flavor.

Boost your metabolism, maintain lean body mass, and control cravings with Bulletproof Apple Cider Vinegar Max Gummies. These sugar-free gummies contain science-backed components like chromium picolinate and Brain Octane Oil, making them an ideal complement to your diet and workout regimen.

Foods and Drinks

Kevins Natural Food

Plate of Korean Barbecue-Style Chicken by Kevin's Natural Foods.

Korean BBQ Chicken: Tender chicken strips in sweet, spicy Bulgogi sauce, featuring coconut aminos, garlic, and toasted sesame seeds. Create a quick Korean stir-fry bowl in just 5 minutes!


Plate with six slices of CauliPower frozen cauliflower-crust cheese pizza.

Enjoy guilt-free mornings with CAULIPOWER Cauliflower Crust Pizzas. Gluten-free, no artificial additives – the crispiest, tastiest freezer aisle pizza.


Open pint of Rebel chocolate peanut butter keto-friendly ice cream with three scoops on top.

At Rebel, they focus on quality calories. Their ideal diet: high in animal fats, moderate in animal protein, and low in sugar. Rebel’s keto-friendly products won’t disrupt your fat-burning state.


Bowl with Palmini keto noodles, cherry tomatoes, and basil ribbons.

Meet Palmini, the low-carb pasta alternative crafted from Hearts of Palm. Skillfully prepared, it’s nearly indistinguishable from traditional pasta, offering a nutritious twist.

Catalina Crunch

Bowl of Catalina Crunch keto pumpkin spice cereal squares.

Catalina Crunch’s Limited Edition Pumpkin Spice Cereal features warm pumpkin notes and classic fall spices, delivering the essence of autumn’s flavors.

Primal Kitchen

Jar of Primal Kitchen garlic aioli mayonnaise made with avocado oil.

Try Primal Kitchen® Garlic Aioli Mayo: ideal for artichokes, chicken sandwiches, and salads. Made with avocado oil, organic cage-free eggs, zesty lemon, and robust garlic flavors.

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Weight Loss Supplements

Research on Supplements That Biohack Weight Loss Continues

Manufacturers are always looking to make the magic weight loss pilll. So far, no luck. Most research has come up short, and a lot of supplements have side effects which are best to avoid. However, thankfully, some supplements have shown promising results.

Ceramic dish of sleep supplements in various colors and sizes.

Proper Nutrition and Exercise Is Always Necessary for Any Weight Loss Diet

Everyone is searching for a magic pill to promote weight loss without changes to diet or exercise routines, but so far, research has come up short. Scientists have studied pyruvate,1 African mango,2 chromium,3 glucomannan,4 conjugated linoleic acid,5 chitosan,6 green coffee,7 forskolin,8 and guar gum,9 among others.10 None of these ended up being recommended. However, there have been some promising results with other supplements, which could potentially assist with weight loss.

Acetyl-L Carnitine

This naturally occurring amino acid helps our body’s cells convert fat into energy and serves as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant for reducing muscle damage after exercise.11 People who took 2,000 mg of acetyl-l carnitine every day showed a modest reduction in body mass, especially if overweight or obese.12 However, the effects waned over time13 and concerns came up regarding the impact on the physical performance of athletes.11

White Kidney Bean Extract

White kidney bean extract, or Phaseolus vulgaris, works to prevent or delay the digestion of complex carbohydrates. In one study, obese patients who consumed 2,400 mg a day before each meal for 35 straight days noticeably reduced their body fat.14

Bitter Orange

Bitter orange, or Citrus aurantium, has been used in traditional Chinese medicine to enhance sports performance and improve the metabolic process. It contains a chemical called p-synephrine that is involved in thermogenesis, which is how the body turns food into fuel.15 One study showed that taking bitter orange extract for six to 12 weeks resulted in a modest increase in weight loss.16

Hoodia Gordonii

The herb Hoodia gordonii grows naturally in limited amounts in Africa and contains a receptor involved in the homeostasis of the body’s metabolism. One study in mice found that taking it naturally suppresses appetite and potentially leads to enhanced weight loss through lowering blood glucose levels.17 Whether Hoodia gordonii or any of the studied supplements can be a magic bullet for weight loss is unlikely; however, mixed with other biohacks, these supplements may be helpful on your weight loss journey.

“Supplements can be a helpful tool for weight loss, but they should be used responsibly and in conjunction with lifestyle changes.”

Dr. Andrew Weil

Integrative medicine Pioneer

Banner with faint colored outlines of weight loss pills and supplements.

Affordable Supplements

Life Extension

Bottle of Life Extension 7-Keto DHEA Metabolite supplement capsules.

7-Keto® DHEA supports healthy thermogenesis, the generation of cellular heat energy. Combined with a balanced diet and exercise, it aids in achieving a healthy weight.


Bottle of BioTRUST Ageless Collagen Booster supplement capsules.

Ageless Collagen Booster: Your key to radiant skin, strong nails, beautiful hair, and flexible joints. Use it alone or with BioTRUST’s premium collagen protein for natural beauty and vitality.


Jar of Himalaya LeanCare supplement capsules for weight management.

Himalaya LeanCare offers a realistic start to weight management, backed by science. Combine it with exercise and a healthy diet for plant-based support on your journey to better weight management.


Bottle of LifeSpa Whole Herbs Amalaki supplement capsules for immunity and heart health.

Amalaki, the Ayurvedic wonder, promotes youthfulness, longevity, and vitality. It supports digestion, immunity, heart health, blood sugar, and overall vitality.

Perfect Keto

Box of Perfect Keto Mallow Munch keto rice crispy bars and one individual package.

Mallow Munch – 8 Bars: Satisfy your nostalgia with sweet keto crispy bars, reminiscent of childhood rice crispy treats, all while maintaining ketosis.


Container of Nutricost Coconut Oil Powder.

Nutricost Coconut Oil Powder: 1lb or 2lb of high-quality, all-natural coconut oil powder. Produced in an FDA registered, GMP compliant facility. Non-GMO and gluten-free.

Mid-Range Supplements


Bottle of Thorne L-Glutamine supplement capsules.

L-Glutamine: This amino acid aids in post-exercise muscle repair, supports gastrointestinal health, and bolsters the immune system*. It also promotes a healthy intestinal lining and assists in recovery after injury or surgery.

Nordic Naturals

Box of Nordic Naturals Nordic Flora Digestive Enzymes supplement capsules.

Nordic® Flora Digestive Enzymes: Boost digestion with vegetarian enzymes, optimizing nutrient absorption across pH levels. Supports the digestive system, includes papaya enzyme, and is Non-GMO and Certified Vegetarian.


Bottle of LifeVantage PhysIQ Fat Burn supplement capsules.

PhysIQ™ Fat Burn: Elevate your weight management with a science-backed formula. It activates your body’s natural ability to convert fat into calorie-burning energy, potentially reducing overall fat, particularly in the mid-section.

Top-of-the-Line Supplements


Bottle of Found oral medication, one injectable GLP-1 medication, and smartphone with screen showing weight loss program app.

The Found Program offers a personalized approach to weight care, treating it as a personal journey. Their program considers your unique biology and lifestyle, providing one-on-one medical, nutritional, and movement guidance from experts, all from the comfort of your home.

Lean Bean

Jar of LeanBean Fat Burner supplement capsules for women.

Leanbean is designed to support women’s healthy lifestyles and weight management. It features clinically proven Glucomannan, a vital dietary fiber for its effectiveness. To delve deeper into Leanbean’s mechanics, read on for insights into the science behind their formula.

Body Health

BodyHealth 30-Day Lean Bulk Ultimate Package with eight containers of different products.

Ditch the bulk-and-cut cycle, traditional diets, and supplements. Hormones are the key; smart dietary choices reset them for simpler weight management. Avoid processed proteins and address digestive issues. Join Body Health’s FREE program for lasting results.

Performance Lab

Bottle of Performance Lab Caffeine Plus supplement capsules.

Caffeine+ offers clean, focused energy without downsides. It combines 7 research-backed ingredients, including natural caffeine, L-Theanine, L-Tyrosine, and NutriGenesis® B-vitamins, in one capsule for clarity and focus. Produced to high clean label standards, it ensures you benefit from caffeine without crashes or burnout.


Bottle of Renue by Science liposomal green tea extract supplement capsules.

LIPO Green Tea employs unique powder-based liposomes, safeguarding it from digestion and ensuring targeted delivery to the bloodstream. Their green tea extract has a minimal 0.14% oxalate content, just 0.10 mg, whereas green tea powder has 12.6 mg per 2-gram serving.


Package of Biomed Citrus Neurolipid Ice Cubes.

Citrus Neurolipid Ice Cubes, 600 mg: A 5-piece batch for a 120-day supply, exclusively in Finland with home delivery. These additive-free ice cubes contain natural phospholipids, including phosphocholine, cephalin, phosphoserine, and sphingomyelin, offering 600 mg of Finnish animal-origin neurolipids for easy use.

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Learn from these weight loss experts: gain Insights, tips, and strategies to achieve your goals

Davinia Taylor

Black and white photo of biohacker Davinia Taylor on a red background.

Davinia Taylor is a versatile English actress who has also gained popularity as a fitness expert, best-selling author, wellness leader, and health biohacker. She is best known for her portrayal of Jude Cunningham in the long-running soap Hollyoaks and has also appeared in Soul Patrol and Dark Realm.

Apart from her successful acting career, Davinia is an ardent health enthusiast. She is the founder of WillPowder, a company that offers natural supplements and a supportive community to address brain fog and poor eating habits. WillPowder’s range of biohacking supplements helps to boost energy, reduce inflammation, and improve mood.

Davinia has authored books on holistic health and lifestyle hacks for balancing hormones, which have earned her recognition from various media outlets such as Glamour Magazine UK, The Daily Express, London Business Magazine, and The Sun. She hosts the “Hack Your Health” podcast and also shares her expertise on Instagram.  

Jessie Inchauspe

Black and white photo of biohacking expert Jessie Inchauspe on a dark blue background.

Dr. Jessie Inchauspe is a French biochemist and best-selling author who believes that irregularities in blood glucose levels can have a negative impact on health, even in non-diabetic individuals. She gained widespread attention on Instagram after sharing graphs of her own glucose levels that went viral. Her subsequent research led to the discovery of “glucose hacks” that can help regulate blood sugar without extreme diets.

Dr.Inchauspe’s books in her field have been recognized as bestsellers by USA Today and The Wall Street Journal. She founded the Glucose Goddess Movement, a company that aims to convey scientific knowledge in a practical manner to help people regulate their blood glucose levels.

In addition to her popular Instagram account, Inchauspe has been a guest on many podcasts and has been featured in major media outlets such as Good Morning America, Vogue France, and The Telegraph. She also shares her knowledge and insights on YouTube and Twitter

Biohacking Weight Loss FAqs

Biohacking Weight Loss

Biohacking offers innovative approaches and strategies to optimize weight loss.

  • How can biohacking help with weight loss?

    Biohacking for weight loss involves optimizing various aspects of your lifestyle to support your body’s natural fat-burning processes. By focusing on nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, and targeted supplements, you can enhance metabolic function, reduce inflammation, and promote healthy weight loss.

  • What are some key dietary biohacks for weight loss?

    Incorporating healthy fats like grass-fed butter or MCT oil into your diet can enhance satiety and boost energy. Additionally, practicing intermittent fasting or incorporating time-restricted eating can optimize insulin sensitivity and promote fat burning.

  • How can exercise be biohacked for weight loss?

    High-intensity interval training (HIIT) can be an effective biohack for weight loss, as it maximizes calorie burn and boosts metabolism. Combining strength training with cardiovascular exercises, such as circuit training, can further enhance fat loss and improve body composition.

  • Can biohacking boost metabolism for weight loss?

    By leveraging biohacking techniques, individuals can boost their metabolism, which plays a key role in burning calories and shedding excess body fat. Strategies such as incorporating thermogenic foods, engaging in high-intensity interval and resistance training, prioritizing quality sleep, managing stress levels, and considering targeted supplementation can all contribute to enhancing metabolic function. Through these practices, biohackers can optimize their metabolism and support their weight loss goals.

  • How can stress management be a biohack for weight loss?

    Chronic stress can contribute to weight gain and hinder weight loss efforts. Biohacking stress involves incorporating relaxation techniques like meditation, deep breathing, or yoga into your daily routine. Prioritizing self-care, engaging in stress-reducing activities, and optimizing your environment for relaxation can support healthy weight management.

  • How does biohacking influence food cravings and appetite control?

    By focusing on nutrient-dense whole foods, balancing macronutrients, and managing blood sugar levels, biohacking can help regulate appetite and reduce food cravings. Incorporating healthy fats, fiber-rich foods, and protein can promote satiety and stabilize blood sugar, reducing the urge to overeat.

  • Can biohacking improve gut health and aid weight loss?

    Yes, biohacking techniques such as consuming fermented foods, taking probiotics, and avoiding gut-disrupting foods can improve gut health. A healthy gut microbiome is crucial for weight management, as it influences digestion, nutrient absorption, and metabolic processes.

  • What are the benefits of biohacking for weight loss beyond the scale?

    Biohacking for weight loss goes beyond just numbers on the scale. It can improve overall energy levels, mental clarity, and mood. Additionally, reducing inflammation, enhancing sleep quality, and achieving a healthy body composition can contribute to long-term well-being.

  • How can biohacking support sustainable weight loss maintenance?

    Biohacking focuses on creating sustainable lifestyle changes rather than short-term fixes. By prioritizing nutrient-dense foods, regular exercise, quality sleep, stress reduction, and ongoing self-monitoring, biohacking helps establish healthy habits for long-term weight maintenance.

  • What should someone starting their weight loss biohacking journey keep in mind?

    Patience and consistency are key. Biohacking for weight loss is a gradual process that requires experimentation and personalization. Each individual’s needs may vary, so it’s important to listen to your body, track progress, and make adjustments along the way. Seek guidance from healthcare professionals or qualified experts to ensure a safe and effective biohacking journey.

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Discover podcasts, YouTube channels, websites, apps, and more to enhance your knowledge and empower your biohacking journey.

Dr. Mindy Pelz logo with a yellow and green lotus flower next to her name.

Dr. Mindy Pelz

Dr. Mindy Pelz’s YouTube channel is a valuable resource for individuals seeking information, guidance, and insights on weight loss and fasting. With her expertise in the field of health and wellness, Dr. Pelz offers a wealth of knowledge and practical advice through her engaging videos.

Through her channel, viewers can access a diverse range of content that covers various aspects of weight loss and fasting. Dr. Pelz’s videos provide informative explanations about the science behind these practices, debunk common myths, and offer evidence-based strategies for achieving successful results.

Her ability to break down complex concepts into digestible information makes her content accessible to individuals at different levels of familiarity with weight loss and fasting. Whether you are a beginner or have prior experience, Dr. Pelz’s YouTube channel provides valuable insights and practical tips to support your journey towards better health. Her videos also address the potential benefits of fasting for overall well-being, metabolic health, and longevity.


Lifesum logo with green text and a leaf as the dot over the letter i.

Lifesum App

The Lifesum app is a comprehensive and user-friendly tool designed to help individuals lead healthier lifestyles and achieve their wellness goals. With its array of features and intuitive interface, Lifesum empowers users to take control of their nutrition, exercise, and overall well-being.

One of the standout features of Lifesum is its ability to personalize the user experience. Upon creating an account, users can set specific goals, whether it’s weight loss, muscle gain, or simply adopting healthier habits. The app then generates tailored meal plans, calorie trackers, and exercise routines to suit individual needs and preferences.

Lifesum goes beyond tracking calories by providing nutritional insights and recommendations. Users can scan barcodes or search a vast food database to easily log their meals and gain a clear understanding of their macronutrient intake. The app also offers access to a variety of recipes and healthy eating tips, ensuring that users have the necessary tools to make informed dietary choices.