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Taking Biotin Supplement Slows Hair Loss and Leads to Fuller, Healthier Hair

August 21, 2023

Vitamin B7, also known as biotin, can help you to have increased hair growth and hair quality. A recent evidence review column in Plastic and Aesthetic Nursing summarized a 2023 study, and other relevant studies, on the effects of biotin on hair health improvement.1 As the author explained, “Hair follicles replicate at an extremely fast rate and require high levels of energy. Biotin plays an essential role in producing energy at the hair root and is essential to keratin synthesis, which contributes to healthy hair, skin, and nails (Farris et al., 2023).” The protein keratin is the key structure-building material in human hair, so biotin’s role in keratin synthesis means it can help you to grow hair more quickly and with better hair health and quality.

Your Body Needs Biotin to Grow Hair!

The cellular processes of hair growing depend upon biotin availability, so having it within your body in proper amounts is needed for hair health. The column’s author added, “Biotin is also a necessary element for the mitochondrial carboxylases (i.e., enzymes in the mitochondria that catalyze inorganic carbon) located in the hair roots (Farris et al., 2023). Biotin is a water-soluble molecule that is rapidly metabolized and excreted from the body (Grimsey et al., 2017).” Therefore, to have biotin properly available in your body to support hair growth, a biotin supplement must be taken daily. Fortunately, you can get a very large amount of biotin-containing vitamins for cheap–many vitamin/mineral supplements contain biotin, although you can also get it on its own.

Doctors and Skin Experts Often Recommend Biotin for Hair Growth

Doctors and skin specialists often recommend biotin to those looking to improve hair, skin, and nail growth. The author quoted studies which said, “43.9% of physicians and dermatologists recommend taking biotin to address concerns related to hair (59%) and nail (86.9%) growth (Falotico & Lipner, 2022; Waqas et al., 2022).” For biohackers looking to improve the appearance of their hair or skin, biotin supplementation is an easy boost to use.

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