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Facial Massage Can Help You Look Younger and Have Clearer Skin

August 23, 2023

For those looking to have healthier, younger-looking skin, facial massage is a proven biohack. French and American researchers for L’Oréal Research and Innovation did an 8-week study on 42 women to determine the effectiveness of facial massage for limiting wrinkles and facial sagging. Whether done with a facial massaging device or by hand, facial massage when combined with facial cream use was incredibly effective.

Face Massaging Devices Improve Skin Appearance in Many Ways

The researchers stated, “Both regimens (manual and device applications) significantly reduced the severity of several clinical attributes including global facial wrinkles, forehead wrinkles, skin texture, cheek wrinkles, and neck texture. The paired statistical comparisons between subgroups demonstrate a clear contribution from the massaging device in amplifying the effect of the cream at reducing the severity of global facial wrinkles skin texture, lip area wrinkles, cheek wrinkles, neck sagging, and neck texture.”

Finally, a Way to Get Rid of Wrinkles!

There was also an absence of negative side-effects of using the facial massager. Side-effects are always a concern when doing skin care, so this is a big plus. “The questionnaires completed by the 20 subjects who used the massaging device indicated a total absence of side effects (itching, burning, edema, redness, etc.) and that the device was easy and comfortable to use. Most of the consumers using the massaging device perceived an improvement of fine lines, a smoother and healthier skin and a lifting effect after 4 weeks of treatment compared with subjects using the cream alone. In addition, there was also an improvement in wrinkle reduction and firmness of the skin after 8 weeks of treatment.” This shows that consistent use of several weeks of facial massages have the intended positive effects on skin health and appearance. Adding daily facial massage to your skin care routine is proven to have major benefits on appearance.

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