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Exercise Reduces Sleep Disturbances through Improved Breathing

September 16, 2023

A September 2022 study by Brazilian researchers at the University of Sao Paulo has shown that exercise helps reduce sleep disruption in people with asthma. There are other benefits as well. The authors explained the study’s aim, “This study had two objectives: (i) to evaluate the effect of a behavioral intervention to increase physical activity in daily living (PADL) on sleep quality in adults with asthma; (ii) to verify the association between a change in sleep quality, quality of life, anxiety, depression and asthma symptoms.”

Better Breathing During Sleep Improves Sleep Quality

Exercise does improve sleep. The researchers concluded, “Our results demonstrate that a behavioral intervention can increase physical activity (PA), enhance behavioral sleep quality, efficiency and quality of life and reduce asthma and anxiety symptoms.” It is clear that the improvement in sleep comes from improved breathing during sleep. Exercise is good for you lung and heart health. Any biohackers having trouble sleeping should get moving to improve their sleep quality and quality of life!

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