With over 20% of adults in the U.S. experiencing a mood disorder at some point in time, understanding how we can hack our brains for mood support is an essential topic to explore. For those who do not want to turn to synthetic pharmaceuticals for mood support, looking to natural supplements offers a great alternative. 

Despite what our society says, medication management is not only the only way to help support our brain’s emotional ups and downs. Instead, we can use the research on supplements to help us target specific concerns via mood-bosting supplements. Below, learn more about the ways biohackers are using supplements for mood support.

Improving Mood with Nootropics

Nootropics refer to a type of supplement that works on cognitive function. Nootropics can be synthetic, but here we will explore some examples of natural nootropics that can improve cognitive function, enhance memory, support creativity, and of course, elevate mood. 

The Nootropics world of research is complex and requires lots more research to support its effectiveness, however, many biohackers are beginning to explore it. Given the low risk and high safety of Nootropics, this type of supplement is worth exploring for those who wish to enhance their mood without the use of pharmaceuticals. 

Some examples of Nootropics that are natural include hemp/CBD, N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC), and Vitamin D. Each of these Nootropics act differently, producing effects on the body that offer a natural mood boost. Research suggests that the CBD found in hemp plants may help naturally boost the release of endorphins, helping to boost mood and support individuals experiencing depression or anxiety. On the other hand, substances such as NAC and Vitamin D work to target inflammation to regulate mood.

Smiling woman in her kitchen holding a pill bottle bringing a mood support supplement to her mouth.

Connection with Gut Health and Mood

Did you know that your GI tract health might also have an effect on your mood? Probiotics, often taken to support gut health, can also be a smart biohacking technique to try for enhancing one’s mood. Why? The answer is in because probiotics help support healthy live microorganisms in your digestive tract. By boosting these “good” bacteria, the body’s dopamine levels increase, which indirectly can boost your mood too.

Zinc & Brain Mood

Zinc is an important mineral to pay attention to for mood support too. This essential mineral is responsible for regulating neurotransmitter pathways and promoting brain health. It might be possible that you have low zinc levels without realizing it, so this is worth testing to help keep an eye on levels. Research has shown that low levels of zinc in the body may increase the risk of depression or make depression more severe. 

Combining Supplementation with Other Biohacking Techniques for Mood Support

Supplementation may offer enhanced effects when combined with other biohacking techniques to help improve your mood. For example, endless research supports the power of simply taking the time to take note of all the things we appreciate in life. This practice, known as gratitude or giving thanks, offers a no-cost biohack to help support improved moods. With no side effects or cost involved, practicing gratitude offers a risk-free technique worth trying for mood support.

Exposure to light may also impact our brain’s ability to regulate mood. For those who live in overcast climates, exposure to light may offer another way to help biohack an improved mood. Minor tweaks, such as a morning walk or the use of light therapy lamp,n may help support your mood. Combining new supplements with these other techniques can help set you up for success.

Discover our recommendations for supplements and dive into the research as we learn new ways to use biohacking techniques to support brain mood.