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Studies Show Binaural Beats Improve Memory and Attention

August 11, 2023

Many biohackers are interested in the benefits of binaural beats. Those who use them, or want to try them, may be pleased to know that a study from July 2022, done by researchers in India, has demonstrated that binaural beats are effective at improving memory and attention. At the Birla Institute Of Technology And Science, a review of 15 peer-reviewed studies on binaural beats’ effect on attention and memory found that moderate improvement in memory and attention have been demonstrated.1

This Data Comes From Many Quality Studies

Studies that are reviews of other studies, which are called a “meta analysis” are useful because they draw on a larger amount of data than any individual study. Through careful scrutiny of 15 peer-reviewed studies, these researchers have successfully argued that binaural beats do improve memory and attention, which is great news for those seeking to increase the power of their intelligence.

Binaural Beats Working by Affecting Your Brain Waves

Binaural beats work by altering your brain waves. Brain waves are the frequency of the signals of brain cells to each other. For example, delta waves, associated with rest, are .5 to 4 Hz in frequency, and beta waves, associated with attentive activity, are 12 to 30 Hz in frequency. The researchers describe the use of binaural beats: “Binaural beats (BB) entrainment is an auditory perceptual occurrence that exists when two tones of separate frequencies are simultaneously presented to each ear.” Binaural beats can be designed to have specific effects on your brain waves so as to produce a desired result in terms of affecting your state of mind, or mental abilities.

How to Get Quality Binaural Beats

Binaural beats are widely available. Although there are many free binaural beats available, there can be ones purchased that tend to be of higher quality. One example is a 2-hour tape of gamma frequencies for improving study skills and memory, which can be purchased for $9.99 on Though those who produce the most effective binaural beats tend to charge for them, with time spent on trying out free options, you can also find quality beats that you find produce the desired result. Consider taking advantage of binaural beats proven ability to improve memory and attention!

  1. Basu, S., & Banerjee, B. (2022). Potential of binaural beats intervention for improving memory and attention: insights from meta-analysis and systematic review. Psychological Research-psychologische Forschung87(4), 951–963.