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Sleepme Introduces Hiber-AI to Keep You Cool While You Sleep

July 30, 2023

The science is in–people sleep significantly better in cool conditions. Your body temperature needs to be lower by 1 to 2 degrees for you to sleep, and so keeping cool is key to good sleep. Therefore, biohackers should be interested in technology that can help manage your temperature while asleep. Sleepme Inc. has a novel technology for sale which uses artificial intelligence. It’s called Hiber-AI, and it uses data from a sleep tracker to actively adjust the temperature of your bed, to optimize your sleep quality.

How does Hiber-AI work?

Here’s how it works. First a sleep tracker is placed on the mattress. This device monitors several health metrics, like heart-rate and breathing rate, and tracks your current sleep stages, such as REM sleep. That data is sent via internet to the Hiber-AI program. It analyzes the data and then sends instructions to the Dock Pro, a mattress topper which adjusts your bed temperature. These instructions direct the Dock Pro to make temperature changes in order to improve your sleep quality.

Gather Data About Your Sleep. Knowledge is Power!

Also, in the morning, a sleep report is produced which you can view in the Sleepme app. The sleep tracker’s report could be of particular use to biohackers, who want to try out different techniques to improve sleep. You can track how effective various sleep biohack techniques are using this report.

A Bed Cooling System Truly Does Help You Sleep

According to the Sleepme company’s customer research, their products are highly effective. From their website, “89% of Sleepme customers say they sleep cool or neutral thanks to our sleep systems. Banish hot flashes & night sweats for good. 95% of Sleepme customers report improved sleep while using our systems. Not surprising since science proves we sleep deeper when we sleep cool.”

What’s it Gonna Cost Me?

Those willing to invest money into their sleep biohacking efforts may want to give Sleepme products a try. They are indeed effective at keeping your body cool while you sleep. Their more basic system, where you manually control the temperature, costs U.S. $695. If you want to take advantage of Hiber-AI’s active temperature adjustment to improve your sleep, you would need to purchase the Dock Pro and Sleep Tracker for a total of U.S. $1,350. Interested biohackers should check out to find out more about products that can keep you cool at night!