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Reducing Alcohol Consumption Leads to Healthier Weight

September 7, 2023

Researchers from Drexel University in Philadelphia done a breakthrough study.1 They have shown that when people who consume low to moderate levels of alcohol meaningfully decrease their alcohol intake, significant weight loss consistently follows. The study was done with, “283 overweight and obese adults participating in a 26-session behavioral weight loss treatment.”

Less Alcohol Means Increased Impulse Control

A lot of it has to do with impulse control. the study explains, “Behavioral impulsivity and change in alcohol intake interacted to predict weight loss, such that decreases in alcohol intake were associated with greater percent weight loss at end-of-treatment for participants with higher levels of impulsivity.” What this means is that once alcohol is removed from the equation, people tend to do less impulsive overeating. This is a big part of why cutting down alcohol leads to weight loss, not to mention getting rid of the calories from alcohol itself.

Better Decision-Making Leads to Weight Loss!

The researchers explain further, “Alcohol consumption may lead to overeating episodes, and highly impulsive individuals may be at risk for increased energy intake during or after episodes of drinking. Therefore, the recommendation to reduce alcohol intake in the context of behavioral weight loss treatment seems warranted, particularly for individuals with high levels of impulsivity.”

Get Connected, Talk With People

There are many ways to get help with decreasing alcohol consumption. Researching online about how to get help with cutting down on alcohol will help. Get support from people you care about, talk about what you’re doing. It’s good to talk with the people you love about cutting down on alcohol. Being connected with other people is key to drinking less.

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